Plays and Players: November 1967  14525

  • Book reviews
    • The Oxford Companion to the Theatre
    • My Nephew Hamlet by John Turing
    • The Successors by Laurence Irving
    • Folk Theatre of India by Balwant Garvi
    • Fogie, biography of Elsie Fogerty by Marion Cole
  • Green Room (Michael Billington)
    • Thoughts on La Mama visit and “what sort of experiment would be welcome over here?”
    • Listicle re theatre in Czechoslovakia
    • Snobbery in the North … “there is room for many different kinds of theatre, the escapist included”
    • Problems with commercial theatre
    • National Youth Theatre Zigger Zagger
    • Mrs Wilson Quote: “I would rather go to the House of Commons than the theatre any day. It is far more entertaining.”
  • Où sont les negligées d’Antan?: Jeremy Rundall talks to Gladys Cooper, Cicely COurtneidge, Irene Handl and Evelyn Laye
  • Your Two New Theatres: Peter Ansorge talks to Tony Church and Robin Pemberton-Billing about the Octagon Theatre, Bolton and The Northcott Theatre, Exeter
  • Drama in Venice Peter Roberts at the Venice Theatre Festival
  • The Director in Rep – No 1: John Hales / Leicester Phoenix


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