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Locations in Harold's Library

  • Here to Eternity: An Anthology of Poetry (book) (excerpt only)
    • page 304
    • in "War"
    • Excerpt: from 1.3from "Her father lov'd me, oft invited me, / Still question'd me the story of my life, / From year to year; the battles, sieges, fortunes, / That I have pass'd:" to "This only is the witchcraft I have us'd: / Here comes the lady, let her witness it."  (public domain)
  • Othello (book)
    • Othello (book)
      • Othello (book)
        • Macbeth / Othello (book) with the title "Othello" (fr)
          • Credits: Patrick Reumaux (translator)
        • William Shakespeare: Tragedie i Kroniki (book) with the title "Otello" (pl)
          • page 399
          • Credits: Stanisław Barańczak (translator)
        • The Faber Book of War Poetry (book) (excerpt only)
          • in "Gallantry and Heroism"
          • Excerpt: Othello's speech in I,iiifrom "Her father loved me, oft invited me""

        Holdings which refer to this drama

        1. Othello in Paris and Brussels (essay)
        2. “The Catastrophe is a Nuptial”: The Space of Masculine Desire in Othello, Cymbeline, and The Winter’s Tale (essay)
        3. “That’s She that was Myself”: Not so Famous Last Words and Some Ends of Othello (essay)
        4. Weaving and Writing in Othello (essay)
        5. Verdi’s Otello: a Shakespearian Masterpiece (essay)
        6. Delacroix’s Tragedy of Desdemona (essay)
        7. Thomas Rymer and Othello (essay)
        8. Iago – Vice or Devil? (essay)
        9. Othello, ‘Lepanto’ and the Cyprus Wars (essay)
        10. Othello and the Pattern of Shakespearian Tragedy (essay)
        11. Othello: A Tragedy Built on a Comic Structure (essay)
        12. The Two Parts of Othello (essay)
        13. Othello: A Retrospect, 1900-67 (essay)
        14. Othello (journal)
        15. Jung and Shakespeare (book)
        16. The Othello Music (essay)
        17. Magic in the Web: Action and Language in Othello (book)
        18. Othello and King Lear (lecture)
        19. Real or Pretend IV: Othello’s magical handkerchief (chapter)
        20. Desdemona’s posthumous speeches (chapter)
        21. Othello (book)
        22. York Notes on Othello (book)
        23. Stanislavski Produces Othello (book) • Plan for Stanislavski's 1929-1930 production
        24. Othello (tv)
        25. Othello: A contextual history (book)
        26. Eight Tragedies of Shakespeare: A Marxist Study (book)
        27. Shakespeare: The Poet and His Plays (book) • Covered in chapter "A Venetian Tragedy"
        28. Speaking Shakespeare (book) • excerpted speech and analysis
        29. Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (book) • in chapter 7 "The Great Tragedies"
        30. Plays and Players: November 1967 (periodical) • Review of 1967 Nottingham production
        31. Prefaces to Shakespeare: Othello (book)
        32. 100 Shakespeare Films (book) • p160 • synopsis, plus 12 films from 1922 to 2006
        33. Shakespearean Tragedy (book) • Lectures V and VI • Note K: Othello's courtship • Note L: Othello in the Temptation scene • Note M: Questions as to Othello 5.1 • Note N: Two passages in the last scene of Othello • Note O: Othello on Desdemona's last words • Note P: Did Emilia suspect Iago? • Note Q: Iago's suspicion regarding Cassio and Emilia • Note R: Reminiscences of Othello in King Lear
        34. Shakespeare: Staging the World (book) • p146 • Chapter 5: 'A Fair City ... Populated with Many People' - Venice Viewed from London and Chapter 6: 'The Noble Moor'
        35. Players of Shakespeare 2 (book) • p167 • Ben Kingsley as Othello (Terry Hands, RSC, 1985)
        36. Players of Shakespeare 2 (book) • p179 • David Suchet as Iago (Terry Hands, RSC, 1985)
        37. Shakespeare in Perspective (Volume 2) (book) • p17 • Commentaries by Susan Hill and Bob Peck
        38. This Wide and Universal Theater (book) • p129 • Chapter 6: The Motive and the Cue for Passion – Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Othello in Performance
        39. Shakespeare’s Language (book) • p165
        40. The Structure of Complex Words (book) • Honest in Othello
        41. Archetypal Patterns in Poetry (book) • The Hero and the Devil

        Other works with this as their source

        Images of this drama

        1. Desdemona maudite par son père (image)
        2. Othello 1921 Berlin. Pirchan’s billowing bed. (image)
        3. Othello 1976 Hamburg. A bikini for Othello’s arrival in Cyprus, in Peter Zadek’s revisionist version. (image)
        4. Othello 1989 Stratford. The Civil War barracks, chamber style. (image)
        5. Othello 1921 Berlin. The arrival in Cyprus, in Emil Pirchan’s design. (image)
        6. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1948-50 (book)
        7. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1954-56 (book)
        8. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1954-56 (book)

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