Plays and Players: August 1967  14479

  • Letters
    • Michael Croft (National Youth Theatre) on dubious values of improvisation
    • W Cunliffe on finding a larger home for the National Theatre company, given delays in building new home
  • Green Room (Michael Billington)
    • “Assuming that the Lord Chamberlain’s days as a censor are now numbered …”
    • How do people regard the NT? / poor choices for TV productions of Much Ado About Nothing and A Flea in Her 
    • ‘Israel over Chichester’ on Danny Kaye going to Israel, and Vanessa Redgrave risking prison for her political activities
    • “Why not a permanent showcase for the repertory movement in the West End?”
    • International Theatre Club presenting a season by La Mama Troupe at the Mercury


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