Much Ado About Nothing  6716

This work contains the following individual pieces:

Locations in Harold's Library

Holdings which refer to this drama

  1. Love’s Labour’s Won and the Occasion of Much Ado (essay)
  2. Social Relations and the Social Order in Much Ado About Nothing (essay)
  3. Social Relations and the Social Order in Much Ado About Nothing (essay)
  4. Avon to Aldwych: Peter Roberts reviews Much Ado About Nothing and Julius Caesar (RSC) (review)
  5. Players of Shakespeare 3 (book) • Maggie Steed as Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing (Di Trevis, RST, 1988)
  6. Shakespeare: The Poet and His Plays (book) • Covered in chapter "Comedies of Venice, Messina, France, Illyria, and Windsor"
  7. Speaking Shakespeare (book) • excerpted speech and analysis
  8. Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (book) • in chapter 4 "The High Comedies"
  9. Plays and Players: August 1967 (periodical) • reference by Michael Billington to NT 1967 Much Ado as poor choice for TV production
  10. 100 Shakespeare Films (book) • p154 • synopsis, plus two films from 1993 and 2005
  11. As She Likes It: Shakespeare’s Unruly Women (book) • p143 • Chapter 5 - Much Ado About Nothing: A kind of merry war
  12. Shakespeare in Perspective (Volume 2) (book) • p217 • Commentaries by Eleanor Bron and Kenneth Haigh
  13. The Stage Representation of the ‘Kill Claudio’ Sequence in Much Ado About Nothing (essay)
  14. ‘Perfect Types of Womanhood’: Rosalind, Beatrice and Viola in Victorian Criticism and Performance (essay)
  15. Shakespeare: The Later Comedies (booklet) • 20

Other works with this as their source

Images of this drama

  1. Much Ado About Nothing 1903. Craig’s design for the church scene. (image)
  2. Much Ado About Nothing 1976 Stratford. John Napier’s unified Elizabethan design. (image)
  3. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1948-50 (book)
  4. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1954-56 (book)
  5. Theatre Between the Wars: 1 – The Classical Stage (essay)

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