The AB Guide to Music Theory, Part 1

The Basics of Rhythm and Tempo Time values Time signatures Tempo Rhythm Introduction to Pitch Pitch names and notation The major scale Key signatures Accidentals Continuing with Rhythm Rests Ties and Dots Triplets and compound time The basis of simple and compound time notation More Scales, Keys and Clefs Major scales and the circle of …

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Conversations with Karajan

Karajan: Profile of a Musician Conversations with Karajan The Formative Years The Italian Connection Berlin Philharmonic On Conducting Sibelius, Richard Strauss, and the Second Viennese School Gramophone and Film: The Recorded Legacy Afterwords Epilogue Karajan and Oxford Karajan and Opera Production Selected Bibliography Selected Recordings

Analyzing Opera: Verdi and Wagner

Introduction: On Analyzing Opera   Carolyn Abbate and Roger Parker Sources and Interpretations Motive and Harmony Tonality and Structure

The Complete Book of Les Misérables

A Chronology of the Life and Times of Victor Hugo The Father of Les Misérables Victor Hugo and the Making of Les Misérables Movers and Shakers From Les Misérables to ‘Les Mis’ From April ’85 to Opening Night Opening Night and After Les Misérables – Past, Present and Future Opening Nights Recordings Awards Libretto

Music with Words

A Formal Introduction to the Subject Word-Groups Occasions for Singing Making Everything Clear Helping the Performers The Longs and Shorts in Singing Instrumental Helps and Hindrances The “Musical Idea” Both Words and Emotions Are Important Opera in the Vernacular The Nature of Opera After All

The Few

Introduction   Peter Townsend Origins: The Unease A State of War Exists The Fall of France Channel Convoy Attacks Hitting the Radar Chain The Hunt Moves to England Defence versus Offence Eagles Scramble Eyewitness They Also Fought for Britain Punishing the British People It Just Stopped The Few Informational Summary


Explanation—Theories of discourse What is discourse? Introduction Sentence study in language teaching and linguistics Discourse and the sentence Grammar within and beyond the sentence Language in and out of context The origins of discourse analysis Formal links Formal and contextual links Verb form Parallelism Referring expressions Repetition and lexical chains Substitution Ellipsis Conjunction Conclusion Why …

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