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The National Theatre of Scotland’s Black Watch

Author’s Note   Gregory Burke Director’s Note   John Tiffany Forward the Forty-Second!   Lt Col Matt Whitney (retd, US Army) Perspective Power Empathy for the Warrior Production Timeline Awards for Black Watch The National Theatre of Scotland Cast, Creative and Production Teams Thanks Characters Black Watch

What Every Parent Needs to Know

Prologue: How to Use This Book Introduction: The National Curriculum Reception Introduction Before You Start Learning to Read and Write: A Short Guide to Phonics English Maths Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design Reading List Reports and Assessment Year 1 Introduction English Maths Science Art and Design Computing Design and Technology Geography History Music …

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The Classical Style

Introduction The Musical Language of the Late Eighteenth Century[rtoc] Period style and group style Tonality Tonic-dominant polarity Equal temperament Modulation Weakening of linear form[/rtoc] Theories of Form[rtoc] Nineteenth-century conception of sonata form Twentieth-century revisions Schenker Motivic analysis Vulgar errors[/rtoc] The Origins of the Style[rtoc] Dramatic character of the classical style Range of styles 1755-1775 Public …

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Preface The formative years (1792-1810) Venice and Milan (1810-14) Arrival in Naples Rome and Il barbiere di Siviglia (1816) Naples, Rome, and Milan (1816-17) Mosè in Egitto and return to Pesaro (1818) 1819-21 Vienna, Verona, Venice (1822-3) Paris and London (1823-4) Paris (1824-9) Retirement from operatic composition Bologna, Paris, Madrid (1829-35) Paris, the Rhineland, and …

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The Chronicle of Opera

Introduction 1589-1761: Baroque Opera 1589-1634: The New Art 1635-1646: Opera in Venice 1647-1677: Italian Opera Reaches Paris 1678-1702: France, Germany, Paris 1703-1731: The Second Century of Opera 1717-1731: Prima Donnas and Castrati 1732-1739: The Seeds of Change 1740-1761: The Death of Handel 1762-1850: Classical and Romantic Opera 1762-1775: Opera is Reborn 1776-1780: Melodrama and Singspiel …

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The Unashamed Accompanist

Foreword   Geoffrey Parsons Introduction to this edition Partnership Preparation Practising Rehearsing The Artists’ Room Performance Bad Habits Sight Reading and Transposition Orchestral Accompaniments Folk-song Accompaniments Piano and Violin Sonatas Accompanying the Strings Conclusion A Letter to Gerald Moore in his 85th Birthday Year   Graham Johnson


Preface Preface to the 1993 edition Life Suffolk childhood Frank Bridge At the College Auden & Co. America The return The Borough Aldeburgh Gloriana Gamelan War Requiem Noh-play in Orford Moscow and Maltings The fire Death in Suffolk Pride and prejudice Music 1923-35 1936-39 1939-42 1942-45 1945-48 1949-54 1955-60 1961-71 1970-73 1973-76 Epilogue After 1976

If Britain Had Fallen

New introduction   Norman Longmate Foreword Plans Preparations Anticipation Bombardment Assault Break-out Defeat Wanted: A Quisling The Merseyside spies Whatever happened to Nelso? To laugh at the Führer is forbidden How long is a Crayfish? Requisitioned Deported See Germany and die Resistance Collaboration Which way to the Black Market? The New Order The end of the …

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The Secret State

Introduction: From Total War to Absolute War? Prelude: ‘The Queen Must Be Told’ Secrets and Mysteries: The Intelligence Picture The Importance of Being Nuclear: the Bomb and the Fear of Escalation Defending the Realm: Vetting, Filing and Smashing ‘Beyond the Imagination’: The Spectre of Ever-Greater Annihilation ‘Breakdown’: Preparing for the Worst To the Cotswold Station: …

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The Ibsen Cycle

Preface to The Ibsen Cycle Preface to the First Edition Introduction Part I The ‘Dramatic’ Content of Hegel’s Philosophy The Philosophical Content of Ibsen’s Drama The Structure of the Cycle Part II Archetypal Repetition in Ghosts The Dialectic of Rosmersholm Death and Transfiguration in The Master Builder Epilogue: Ibsen and Modernism

Cuba: A History

Preface Note on Currencies Prologue: WIth Albemarle to Havana, 1762 The English Expedition The Spanish Colony Sugar and Society The Victors and the Creoles Book One: The Great Leap Forward, 1763-1825 Enter North America The Challenge of Haiti Rebellion in South America The Ever-faithful Isle Book Two: The Golden Age, 1825-68 The World of Sugar …

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Principia Ethica

Editor’s introduction    Thomas Baldwin Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition Table of Contents to the First Edition The Subject-Matter of Ethics Naturalistic Ethics Hedonism Metaphysical Ethics Ethics in Relation to Conduct The Ideal Index to the First Edition The Conception of Instrinsic Value Free Will Appendix: ‘Principia Ethica’ and ‘The Elements …

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Imagined Communities

Preface to the Second Edition (1991) Introduction Cultural Roots The Origins of National Consciousness Creole Pioneers Old Languages, New Models Official Nationalism and Imperialism The Last Wave Patriotism and Racism The Angel of History Census, Map, Museum Memory and Forgetting Travel and Traffic: On the Geo-biography of Imagined Communities Bibliography