1918: How the First World War Was Won

Introduction The Germans Move[rtoc] The Treat of Brest-Litovsk The German March Offensive – Operation Michael The German April Offensive – Operation Georgette, The Battle of the Lys The German May/June Offensives[/rtoc] War in the Air and at Sea[rtoc] Zeebrugge, 23 April 1918 The War at Sea The War in the Air[/rtoc] Other Fronts[rtoc] The Battle …

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Being Wagner

Foreword Vorspiel Young Richard Out in the World Doldrums Triumph The World in Flames Pause for Thought It Begins Suspension Limbo Enter a Swan Towards the Green Hill The Long Day’s Task Is Done Coda Chronology Wagner’s Works Bibliography

How I Wish I’d Taught Maths

Foreword   Kristopher Boulton Dedication Introduction How students think and learn A simple model of thinking and learning Experts and Novices What are they thinking about? Expanding working memory capacity Methods that last Maths anxiety If I only remember 3 things Motivation Models of motivation Do students make good decisions? Real-life maths Teacher influence Providing a …

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The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Act I: The “Before” Phase Selecting Your Target Market Crafting Your Message Reaching Prospects with Advertising Media Act II: The “During” Phase Capturing Leads Nurturing Leads Sales Conversion Act III: The “After” Phase Delivering a World-Class Experience Increasing Customer Lifetime Value Orchestrating and Stimulating Referrals

Creative Arts Marketing

The context of arts marketing Developing audiences Marketing research Product Branding Pricing Marketing communications Making the arts available Marketing planning Leading and managing the marketing function Synoptic case studies


Prologue Introduction Birth of a Fighter The Fall of France The Battle for Britain Rhubarbs, Ramrods and Circuses Spitfire Women Malta Dieppe, August 1942 North Africa The Relentless Fight in Europe Italy Spitfires Out East A Foothold in France The Beginning of the End The Last Salute

Future Politics

Introduction The Digital Lifeworld Increasingly Capable Systems Increasingly Integrated Technology Increasingly Quantified Society Thinking Like a Theorist Future Power Code is Power Force Scrutiny Perception-Control Public and Private Power Future Liberty Freedom and the Supercharged State Freedom and the Tech Firm Future Democracy The Dream of Democracy Democracy in the Future Future Justice Algorithms of …

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Prime Movers

Introduction: The fatal blandishing Pericles (495BC-429BC) and the invention of democracy Jesus (7/2BC-AD 30/33) and the brotherhood of man Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-78) and the self supreme Adam Smith (1723-90) and the invisible hand Edmund Burke (1729-97) and the stickiness of society Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) and the endless of revolution Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) and the management …

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The Journey’s End Battalion

From Sussex to the Somme, August 1914-September 1916 Call to Arms, August 1914-August 1915 Loos, September 1915 Recovery, October 1915-March 1916 Wulverghem, March-July 1916 Somme-Guillemont and Delville Wood, August-September 1916 Through Attrition to Final Victory, September 1916-November 1918 Return to Loos, September-December 1916 A Hard Winter, January-April 1917 Messines and Pilckem Ridge, April-September 1917 Before …

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Die vollkommene Leere

Stanisław Lem: »Die vollkommene Leere« (Doskonała próznia) Marcel Coscat: »Les Robinsonades« Patrick Hannahan: »Gigamesh« Simon Merril: »Sexpolosion« Alfred Zellermann: »Gruppenführer Louis XVI« Solange Marriot: »Rien du tout, ou la conséquence« Joachim Fersengeld: »Perycalypsis« Gian Carlo Spallanzani: »Der Idiot« (Idiota) »Do yourself a book« Kuno Mlatje: »Odysseus aus Ithaka« (Odys z Itaki) Raymond Seurat: »Toi« Alistar …

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Les Misérables

Donougher’s translation first published as The Wretched in 2013 Chronology Introduction   Andrew Davies Note on the Translation Fantine A Good Man The Fall In the Year 1817 Entrusting Sometimes Means Giving Away The Descent Javert The Champmathieu Affair After-Effect Cosette Waterloo The Ship Orion A Deathbed Promise is Honoured The Gorbeau Tenement Silent Stalkers in …

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Im Labyrinth der Lügen

Das unbekannte Land Albträume und Überraschungen Geisterschritte im Museum Ein Brief mit schwarzen Balken Millie Ischtar im Reich der Toten Spuk im Depot Ein böser Verdacht Besuch im Theater Auf der Spur des Professors Der Hieroglyphenstein Lebende Tote und gefälschte Pässe Wo ist Onkel Henri? Überraschung im Hotel Der Trabi vor der Haustür Verrat unter …

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How to shit in the woods

Einleitung Papierlose Hygiene Alter Falter! Klopapierfaszination Papierlos Schüsselhistorie Klobrillenrunterklappwäsche Toilettenpartner Sitzenbleiber Notdurftnot Gefahrenquellen Eingelocht Unverfängliche Auffangbehälter Wie Frauen ihren Mann stehen Kein Bock auf Hock! Pinkelpädagogik Synchron urinieren Wassertechnik Montezumas Rache AKS Statt eines Sclusswortes: Klogeschichten Die iPott-Revolution Griff ins Klo Die 46-Stunden-Toilettenwoche Glossar Literaturtipps Internetseiten zum Thema