Joely Richardson on Shakespeare’s Women  21551

productions featured:

  • Twelfth Night
    • Trevor Nunn’s film
    • specially staged rehearsal with Globe actors: Jade Anouka (Viola), Anthony Howell (Orsino), [???] (Olivia)
    • ATV 1969 colour production with Alec Guiness as Malvolio
    • 1910 silent film with Charles Kent as Malvolio
  • As You Like It
    • 1963 BBC broadcast of 1961? RSC production with Vanessa Redgrave as Rosalind
    • Helen Mirren as Rosalind 1978
    • Thea Sharrock’s 2009 Globe production
    • Cheek by Jowl 1991 production (photos, plus interview with Adrian Lester [Rosalind] and Tom Hollander [Celia])
    • Kevin Kline as Jaques from Branagh’s film.


  • 03:30 Old Vic – Family history for Joely Richardson. Laurence Olivier at end of performance as Hamlet to Michael Redgrave’s Laertes announcing the birth of Vanessa Redgrave, Joely’s mother.
  • 1963 BBC As You Like It (of 1961? RSC production) with Vanessa Redgrave as Rosalind.
  • 06:50 Hamnet / Judith
  • 07:00 Stanley Wells: lost years
  • 08:00 Germaine Greer: known for poetry, don’t expect him to have been a nice bloke [to women]
  • 10:20 Twelfth Night
    • 10:20 Return to twins as a subject (following section on Comedy of Errors. This time a boy and a girl (Hamnet / Judith). 1596 Hamnet death.
    • 11:00 Jonathan Bate: Shakespeare’s plays never directly biographical, but …
    • 13:00 Laurie Maguire: classic first stage of mourning – incorporate lost person into yourself: Viola as Orsino. Jonathan Bate: importance of disguise.
    • 14:30 Globe actors (Jade Anouka as Viola, Anthony Howell as Orsino) rehearse. Does disguise liberate her?
    • 16:30 Joely Richardson: in disguise, you are free to love the essence of the person. Pomposity pricked.
    • 18:00 Anthony Dickson: female roles. Jonathan Bate: played by boys. Gender jokes.
      • 18:30 Tradition of boy actors continued at Dulwich college.
      • 19:00 Jonathan Bate: Language about the voice of the other character (e.g. small pipe)
      • 20:00 Traditional panto cross-dressing (principal boy). Hannah Wilding as Prince Charming in Nottingham Playhouse 2011 pantomime. Into the run, men start to appear without sufficient quota of children in the front row.
      • 21:40 Germaine Greer: comedy of men dressed as women; would we allow blackface? but this is ‘in my face’!
    • 22:30 Jade Anouka as Viola + [???] as Olivia. Marjorie Garber: Olivia revealed, and willing to learn to love.
    • 24:30 Vanessa Redgrave: women only declare love by pretending to be someone else.
    • 25:00 ‘Willow cabin’ speech on Globe stage.
    • 26:30 Jonathan Bate: Subplots from fertile imagination take over – Malvolio
      • 27:40 Alec Guiness in yellow stockings. Jonathan Bate: Malvolio is what was remembered from early performances.
      • 28:00 Silent film w. Charles Kent as Malvolio, 1910.
      • 29:00 Nick Hytner on end of the play.
  • 30:40 Gill Perry at National Portrait Gallery.
    • Nell Gwynn
    • Dorothy Jordon, renowned for breeches role and her portrait as Rosalind.
    • Moral debate about exposure of thighs etc.
  • 32:45
    • Germaine Greer: ???. Women superior to men. Older, more world-wise, smarter.
  • 33:40 As You Like It
    • Vanessa Redgrave as Rosalind. 35:19 Director in previews: “you’ll ruin it unless you give yourself to it completely”. Vanessa Redgrave: like diving.
    • 32:20 Jonathan Bate: Rosalind role huge / dominant, despite it being played by an apprentice actor.
    • 37:50 Helen Mirren on Rosalind.
    • 38:50 Jonathan Bate on Ganymede as name with sexual hint; boy lover of a man
    • 40:00 Thea Sharrock’s 2009 Globe production
    • 41:30 Jaques
    • 42:00 “I swear to thee youth, by this white hand of Rosalind” with Globe actors
    • 45:00 Tom Hollander and Adrian Lester on their roles as Celia and Rosalind.
      • Tom Hollander’s best role. Youthful promiscuity on tour.
      • Adrian Lester: playing this woman; bookish (hence glasses), tall, flat-chested.
      • Movement work with Sue Lefton.
    • 48:10 Written in cold winter during building of the Globe [Joely Richardson filmed during snowstorm on Globe stage].
    • 48:50 Joely Richardson: stages as churches. Energy / presence of past productions. More interactive audience.
    • 53:00 Kevin Kline as Jaques.
      • 53:50 Seven Ages of Man speech
        • Jonathan Bate: ends with bitterness / emptiness. Left with skull ‘sans everything’ – “not so far from Hamlet” at all.
  • Helen Mirren: marrying for love was peculiar in those days, but Shakespeare always engages in love.
  • Germaine Greer: Marriages do fail in Shakespeare. Women have what it takes for marriage: constancy, endurance, patience.
  • Joely Richardson & Vanessa Redgrave: Shakespeare as Bible / Beethoven. Vanessa Redgrave: “he clearly loved women”.
  • Germaine Greer: Not telling you how to think, but is saying “think.”
  • Joely Richardson: enter to pretend, but encounter something real.


Topics covered by this tv

  1. As You Like It (drama)
  2. Twelfth Night (drama)
  3. The Comedy of Errors (drama) • 00:08:10 • Follows section on Hamnet and Judith. Laurie Maguire on it being a play with twins. Jonathan Bate: twins occasionally appear elsewhere, but not with the frequency of Shakespeare.
  4. The Merchant of Venice (drama) • 00:04:30 • Vanessa Redgrave on Merchant as the first play she read, and of connecting with 'Quality of mercy' speech because of her punishing nanny.
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