The Merchant of Venice  6711

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Holdings which refer to this drama

  1. Equity, The Merchant of Venice and William Lambarde (essay)
  2. A Hebrew Source for The Merchant of Venice (essay)
  3. Is Portia a virgin at the end of the play – and will she stay one? (chapter)
  4. Why is Shylock unmusical? (chapter)
  5. ‘A wilderness of monkeys’: a psychodynamic study of The Merchant of Venice (chapter)
  6. Blood Relations (book)
  7. The Wisdom of Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice (book)
  8. A jewel among the paste: The Merchant of Venice at the Haymarket, 1967 (review)
  9. Prefaces to Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice (book)
  10. Players of Shakespeare 3 (book) • Deborah Findlay as Portia (dir. Bill Alexander, RST, 1987)
  11. Players of Shakespeare 3 (book) • Gregory Doran as Solanio (dir. Bill Alexander, RST, 1987)
  12. Shakespeare: The Poet and His Plays (book) • Covered in chapter "Comedies of Venice, Messina, France, Illyria, and Windsor"
  13. Speaking Shakespeare (book) • excerpted speech and analysis
  14. Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (book) • in chapter 4 "The High Comedies"
  15. 100 Shakespeare Films (book) • p129 • synopsis, plus 3 films from 1923 to 2004
  16. Shakespeare: Staging the World (book) • p146 • Chapter 5: 'A Fair City ... Populated with Many People' - Venice Viewed from London
  17. Joely Richardson on Shakespeare’s Women (tv) • 00:04:30 • Vanessa Redgrave on Merchant as the first play she read, and of connecting with 'Quality of mercy' speech because of her punishing nanny.
  18. Players of Shakespeare 2 (book) • p45 • Ian McDiarmid as Shylock (John Caird, RSC, 1984)
  19. Players of Shakespeare 1 (book) • p11 • Patrick Stewart as Shylock (John Barton, The Other Place, 1978)
  20. Players of Shakespeare 1 (book) • p29 • Sinead Cusack as Portia (John Barton, RSC, 1981)
  21. Shakespeare in Perspective (Volume 1) (book) • p208 • Commentaries by Wolf Mankowitz and Timothy West
  22. Three Shakespeare Productions: A Conversation (essay) • In the form of a conversation between Micheál Mac Liammóir and Hilton Edwards about their production of the play

Other works with this as their source

Images of this drama

  1. Press photos of The Merchant of Venice at the Haymarket, 1967 (image)
  2. The Merchant of Venice 1932 Stratford. Komisarjevsky’s tipsy Lion of St Mark. (image)
  3. The Merchant of Venice 1963 Berlin. Piscator’s photodocumentary approach. (image)
  4. The Merchant of Venice 1963 Berlin. The wealth and sensuality of Belmont. (image)
  5. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1948-50 (book) • Robert Helpmann*Shylock**Paul Scofield*Bassanio**Heather Stannard*Jessica**Diana Wynyard*Portia
  6. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1954-56 (book)
  7. Theatre Between the Wars: 1 – The Classical Stage (essay)

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