Tannhäuser  17990

Locations in Harold's Library

Holdings which refer to this drama

  1. Urbilder und Spielräume (chapter)
  2. Tannhäuser und die künstlichen Paradiese (essay)
  3. Wagner and the Romantic Hero (book) • p47 • Chapter 3: Early music-drama: the isolated hero – Tannhäuser: sexual transgressor and artist
  4. Mein Opernführer (book) • p76
  5. Wagner Nights (book) • p58
  6. A Study of Wagner (book) • p30 • 3: Tannhäuser and Lohengrin
  7. Das vierte Gespräch: Richard Wagner (interview) • p147 • »Tannhäuser« und die Frage nach der Liebe
  8. Fact and Fiction about Wagner (book) • p44 • Fact About Wagner, Chapter 10

This work has the following connections with other works:

  • Nuit du Walpurgis classique • Verse 4 of the Verlaine poem includes lines "Un air mélancolique, un sourd, lent et doux air / De chasse: tel, doux, lent, sourd et mélancolique, / L'air de chasse de Tannhäuser.

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