Ludwig van Beethoven

The Ninth

Prelude A Grand Symphony with Many Voices 1824, or How Artists Internalize Revolution Imagining the Ninth To Begin Anew Postlude

The Beethoven Companion

The Man and Artist Beethoven as Man and Artist   Philip Barford The Pianos and the Piano Music Beethoven’s Pianos   Derek Melville The Piano Music—I   Harold Truscott The Piano Music—II   Philip Barford The Chamber Music The Chamber Music with Piano   Nigel Fortune The Chamber Music for Strings   Robert Simpson The Orchestral Music The Symphonies and Overtures   …

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The Classical Style

Introduction The Musical Language of the Late Eighteenth Century[rtoc] Period style and group style Tonality Tonic-dominant polarity Equal temperament Modulation Weakening of linear form[/rtoc] Theories of Form[rtoc] Nineteenth-century conception of sonata form Twentieth-century revisions Schenker Motivic analysis Vulgar errors[/rtoc] The Origins of the Style[rtoc] Dramatic character of the classical style Range of styles 1755-1775 Public …

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A Song of Love and Death

Preface Rite Orpheus Dionysus Eros Mephistopheles Dagon Repertory Classical Opera Mozart Romantic Opera Beethoven and Political Opera Berlioz and Historical Opera Verdi Wagner Realism and Puccini Wagnerism and Strauss Past and Present Performance Phantoms of the Opera The Met and the Metropolis Opera in a Garden New Theaters Drama Against Music After the Revolution, and …

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