Road to the Isles

The Travellers Maps Introduction 1770-1790 1790-1810 1810-1830 1830-1840 1840-1850 1850-1870 1870-1880 1880-1890 1890-1914

John Arden

Introduction Resources Manner Matter Serjeant Musgrave’s Dance and Ars Longa, Vita Brevis The Island of the Mighty and Pearl Afterword

European Decolonization 1918-1981

General Editor’s Preface Preface 1918-39 The European Empires in a Transforming World Population growth and agrarian crisis in Indo-China The formation of a colonial bourgeoisie Religious revival and national renaissance The colonial world and the Great Depression British strategy and imperial reform: Egypt, India and the white Dominions Race politics and the colonial order in …

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Noel Coward

The Mask Society’s Hero Consider the Audience … ‘I’ve Had to Formulate a Creed …’ Mainly about Style Five Comedies Afterword

Alan Ayckbourn

In the Beginning The Plots Thicken Ritual Behaviour Laughing Till It Hurts Winter Solstice Onwards and Upwards The State of the Nation Chronology of Plays

Arthur Miller

The Young Playwright (1915-49) Looking for the World that Would Be Perfect The Man Who Had All the Luck and All My Sons Death of a Salesman The Crucible A View from the Bridge Non-Theatrical Writing After the Fall The Price The Creation of the World and Other Business and Playing for Time Conclusion

Jean Genet

Genet’s Theatre: Biography and Other Background Deathwatch: The Ideal of Murder and the Prison System The Maids: Slavery and Absolute Desire The Balcony: Fascism and the Creative Process The Blacks: Play-Acting as the Black Man’s Burden The Screens: Mother and Son or the Third World’s Revenge The Spectator’s Response to Genet

Edinburgh: A History of the City

Introduction Linguistic Note ‘City of Fire on Night’ ‘Precipitous City’ ‘Perilous City’ ‘City of Palaces, or of Tombs’ ‘City of Everywhere; ‘City of Refuge’ ‘A Very Old-Fashioned City’ Envoi

Modern Moral Philosophy

Preface Preface to Second Edition Moral Discourse and Moral Philosophy An Example of Moral Discourse Is There a Connection between Moral Philosophy and First-Order Moral Discourse? Moral Discourse and Theories of Meaning The Referential Theory Simplest Form of the Theory A More Sophisticated Version of the Theory Wittgenstein’s “Picture Theory” The Referential Theory and Moral …

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Bertolt Brecht

Introduction: Life and Works The Plays of the Twenties Theories of Theatre Brecht’s Practice of Theatre Saint Joan of the Stockyards Mother Courage and Her Children The Life of Galileo The Good Person of Szechwan The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Tennessee Williams

Introduction and Life Form, Theme and Character Early One-Act Plays (1939-46) The Glass Menagerie (1944) A Streetcar Named Desire (1947) Summer and Smoke (1947) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955) Wanderer Plays (1957-9) Reversals of the Pattern (1943-61 Late Plays (1962-81)

Shakespeare For All Time

Signed: “Harold – Stanley Wells – on the occasion of the Great Shakespeare Debate, 2006! Stratford-upon-Avon 22 February, 2006” Preface Shakespeare and Stratford Shakespeare in London Shakespeare the Writer The Growth of the Legend: 1623-1744 The Age of Garrick: Shakespeare Celebrated: 1741-1789 Regency and Romanticism: 1789-1843 Victorian Shakespeare: 1843-1904 From Victoria to Elizabeth: 1903-1952 Shakespeare …

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Introduction Magical Thinking Metamorphosis The Festive World ‘The Poet’s Eye … The Poet’s Pen’ About the Text Key Facts A Midsummer Night’s Dream Textual Notes Scene-by-Scene Analysis A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Performance: The RSC and Beyond Four Centuries of the Dream: An Overview At the RSC The Director’s Cut: Interviews with Michael Boyd, Gregory …

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