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The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler

Introduction The Road to Power Discovering a Mission Making a Connection Searching for a Hero Developing a Vision Offering Hope in a Crisis Being Certain Journey to War The Man Who Will Come The Importance of Enemies The Lure of the Radical The Thrill of Release Turning Vision Into Reality Risk and Reward The Great …

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Brutal Simplicity of Thought

[rtoc] How do you hear from the dead? How do you speak to the unborn? How do you carry a cow in your pocket? How did three words kill the French aristocracy? How did two wheels emancipate women? How do you catalogue everything? How do you get a country to work an hour earlier? How …

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Too Much Information

[rtoc] Too Much Information What’s Not to Like about MyLikes? If Everyone Checks the Internet for Everything Then What Happens When the Internet Gets It Wrong? Whatever You Do, Don’t Look the Daily Express in the Eye If it Isn’t One of Your Greatest Hits Don’t Put It On a Greatest Hits Album ‘Music From & …

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Beyond Band of Brothers

Author’s Preface Prelude to the Paperback Edition Prologue Band of Brothers Beginnings There Is Nothing Easy in Easy Company From Benning to Shanks Old Beyond My Years In the Time of Achilles Day of Days Carentan Holland The Island In War’s Dark Crucible Interlude Surrounded Again The Final Patrols Victory Finding Peace After a Lifetime …

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3 Commando Brigade: Helmand Assault

Dedication List of Maps Maps Author’s Note Prologue Mission Lashkar gah Nawa and Shin Kalay Zarghun Kalay Sangin Valley Kandahar and The Fishhook Marjah Epilogue Brigadier Gordon Messenger Operation Herrick Nine: Honour and Awards Glossary