I Saw the World End

The Unsolved Problem The puzzle of The Ring Objectivity in interpretation Comprehensiveness in musico-dramatic analysis The Text and the Sources The nature of the text The nature of the sources The Rhinegold Scene 1 Scene 2: the gods Scene 2: the action Scene 3 Scene 4 First Summing-up The Valkyrie Act 1 Act 2 Act …

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Baby and Child

Introduction Birth The Newborn: The first days of life Birthweight Some physical features of unsettled babies Feeding Keeping your baby warm Everyday care Excreting Sleeping Crying and comforting Adjusting to your baby’s behaviour Using his or her body Using his or her senses The Settled Baby: The first six months Feeding and growing Sleeping Excreting …

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Road to the Isles

The Travellers Maps Introduction 1770-1790 1790-1810 1810-1830 1830-1840 1840-1850 1850-1870 1870-1880 1880-1890 1890-1914

King Charles II, Part Two

The Monarchy in Danger Subsisting Together? The Knot in the Comb Peace For His Own Time Against Exclusion A King at Chess His Autumnal Fortune Bold and Older Another Way of Ruling The Dregs of Life His Royal Ashes

King Charles II, Part One

The Hopeful Prince Heaven Was Liberal ‘I Fear Them Not!’ Present Miseries Dependence The King’s Son Nothing but the Name A Candle to the Devil Ravished at Worcester Heroical Figure A Difficult Game The Courtesies and the Injuries At the Waterside This Golden Age Noah’s Dove The Best of Queens The Dutch Business Black Day …

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Tradition and Interpretation

“This collection of essays is the successor of The People and the Book (1925) … Record and Revelation (1938) … and The Old Testament and Modern Study (1951)” G. W. A. Introduction: Changing Perspectives in Old Testament Study   G. W. Anderson The Textual Transmission of the Old Testament (including modern critical editions of the Hebrew …

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Testament of Experience

Foreword Part I British Bride English Mother Personal Rubicon “Pulvis et Umbra Sumus” The Light above the Storm-Clouds Part II The Clouds Descend Midnight Hour Valley of Humiliation Dawn of Chaos Part III The Track of the Storm The Citadel of Time Turn Again Home

The Twelve Caesars

Colour essays Nature and the Gods Towns Living and the Family Emperor and Empire Maps The Roman Empire at the Death of Augustus Rome in the Time of Augustus Introduction Julius Caesar, afterwards deified Augustus, afterwards deified Tiberius Gaius (Caligula) Claudius, afterwards deified Nero Galba Otho Vitellius Vespasian, afterwards deified Titus, afterwards deified Domitian Genealogical …

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The Ascent of Man

Foreword Lower than the Angels[rtoc] Animal adaptation The human alternative Beginning in Africa Fossil evidence The gift of foresight Evolution of the head The mosaic of man The cultures of the hunter Across the ice ages Transhumance cultures: The Lapps Imagination in cave art[/rtoc] The Harvest of the Seasons[rtoc] The pace of cultural evolution Nomad …

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