Europe  18980


Music Played
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Musica Polyphonica
Marche en rondeau (feat. Louis Devos)

Ensemble Venance Fortunat, Anne-Marie Deschamps
Ton 1 Visionem quam vidistis

Monthabor Music.

Os Curunchos
Foliada de Campelo

DB World Sessions.

Malay Ahmed Lukili.
Brwala al-Anas


Wolf Biermann
Am Brandenburg Tor


W A Mozart
Symphony No. 40 in G Minor


Title: The Address of His Holiness Pope Francis




Title: European Spirituality

Author: Jan Kerkhofs

Published in The Way, 41/2 (April 2001), 93–101


Title: The Myth of European Unity

Author: Sonja Puntscher-Reikmann

From The Collected Poems of Weldon Kees, edited by Donald Justice, by permission of the University of Nebraska Press. Copyright 1975, 1962 by the University of Nebraska Press. Copyright 1960 by John A. Kees. Copyright 1954, 1947, 1943 by Weldon Kees.[/rtoc]

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