The Poems and the Music  28995

  • International Notes
    • Australia   H. J. Oliver
    • Austria   Siegfried Korninger
      • Richard Flatter
    • France   Jean Jacquot
      • Jean-Louis Barrault
    • Germany   Karl Brinkmann, Wolfgang Clemen
    • Greece   Angelos Terzakis
    • Hungary   Ladislas Orzágh
    • India   H. S. D. Mithal
    • Italy   Mario Praz
    • Japan   Jiro Ozu
    • Kenya   A. J. R. Master
    • Poland   Stanisław Helstzyński
    • South Africa   A. C. Patridge
    • Sweden   Nils Molin
    • Switzerland   Georges Bonnard
    • Turkey   Nureddin Sevin
    • U.S.A.   Louis Marder
    • U.S.S.R.   Yuri Shvedov
    • Yugoslavia   B. Nedić
  • Shakespeare Productions in the United Kingdom: 1960
  • The Year’s Contributions to Shakespearian Study
    • Critical Studies   reviewed by Bernard Harris
    • Shakespeare’s Life, Times and Stage   reviewed by W. Moelwyn Merchant
    • Textual Studies   reviewed by James M. McManaway


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