Pieces of Eight  15468

Details from other writers in programme held at the University of Kent:

  • Sketches by Peter Cook and Harold Pinter
  • Songs composed by Laurie Johnson, Sandy Wilson, Edward Scott, Lance Mulcahy, Dolores Claman with lyrics by Lance Mulcahy, Edward Scott, Lenny Addelson, Sandy Wilson, John Law, Robert Gould, Lionel Bart, Anne Crosswell
  • Directed by Paddy Stone
  • Produced by Michael Codron
  • Designed by Tony Walton
  • Lighting by Richard Pilbrow
  • Cast: Lorna Wood, Peter Reeves, Josephine Blake, Terrence Theobald, Valerie Walsh, Ben Aris, Fenella Fielding, Kenneth Williams


This work contains the following individual pieces:

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