Anna Nicole  20798

Locations in Harold's Library

  • Pappano’s Classical Voices: Soprano (tv) (excerpt only)
    • 00:53:00
    • Cast: Eva-Maria Westbroek (soprano)
    • Notes: "I wanna blow you all ..." scene. Stage directors today as demanding much more than just their voices. "Facts, facts, facts, facts ...". "You can fight, you can beg ... But you need a little luck". Turnage: "it really helped that she wasn't English; I've got a slight problem with posh English sung. But it's also to do with the quality of the voice, because she has this warmth about her. It comes through in her singing, but not just in her acting but also her character as a person." Pappano: real dramatic soprano notes sung with an operatic technique, but also pop idiom / Texas twang. Westbroek: I personally always think you need a roundness to your mouth. "I can drink you under the ocean." "Mama's nearly there, nothing left for me." Westbroek: important - this is how we are with each other.

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