John Barton

Playing Shakespeare

Foreword   Trevor Nunn Preface Part One: Objective Things The Two Traditions: Elizabethan and Modern Acting Using the Verse: Heightened and Naturalistic Verse Language and Character: Making the Words One’s Own Using the Prose: Why does Shakespeare use Prose? Set Speeches and Soliloquies: Taking the Audience with You Using the Sonnets: Going over Some Old Ground …

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The Hollow Crown

Full subtitle: “An Entertainment and about the Kings and Queens of England “Music, Poetry, Speeches, Letters and other Writings from the Chronicles, from Plays, and in the Monarch’s own words—also Music concerning them and by them “Devised by John Barton”

The Hollow Crown

Cast of original 1961 production at the Aldwych Theatre, and other RSC company members who have taken part subsequently The Readers [Note on casting A, B, C and D] The Music: “A Bass, a Baritone, a Tenor, and an Accompanist who can play both the harpsichord and the piano.” Arrangement of the Stage Staging Lighting …

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