W. H. Auden

Brecht in Context

An Englishman looks at Brecht Anglo-American forays The case of Kipling The case of Auden Brecht and Expressionism Brecht and Piscator Brecht and the motion pictures Brecht and the visual arts Brecht and the musicians The changing role of politics Two political excursions Brecht, Stalin and Hannah Arendt Brecht, Alienation and Karl Marx After-notes Notes …

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The Hidden Law: The Poetry of W. H. Auden

Everything that Counts Is Well Veiled: Poems The Curative Power of Love: On This Island Poetry Makes Nothing Happen: Another Time A Sort of Practical Holiday: Letter to Lord Byron A Civitas of Sound: New Year Letter God Will Cheat No One: For the Time Being Amor Loci: Nones In Solitude, for Company: The Shield of Achilles The Hidden Law