Gustav Mahler

Wagner and the Art of the Theatre

Part I Wagner and the theatre of the early nineteenth century The art of the future – by royal command Staging the Ring at Bayreuth Parsifal and beyond Part II The inheritors: Cosima and Siegfried Wagner, Gustav Mahler and Alfred Roller Adolphe Appia: the opened eye of the score Wagner in Russia, 1890-1940 Travail and …

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The Maestro Myth

Introduction: The Making of a Myth The Tears of a Clown: The composer as conductor; the personal tragedy of Hans von Bülow Honest Hans and the Magician: Nikisch and Richter Masters of the House: Mahler and Strauss; Walter, Klemperer and Krauss Facing the Dictators: Toscanini v. Furtwängler; Szell, Reiner and the Soviet system The Karajan …

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Gustav Mahler and the Courage to be

Introduction: What is the Point of Life? The Problem of Death in Art ‘Was war Wirklich im All?’ Nostalgia—or Potentia? Envy, Gratitude, and the Problem of Existence The Anguished Life ‘Love Envieth Not’: Mahler’s Struggle Against the Greatest Sin of All Towards the Still Centre: How Psychological and Philosophical Themes become Music The Ninth Symphony: …

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