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Empire of the Deep

I – Lawless Waters: to 1603 Introduction Part 1: Invasion Island England 793-878 Sea Rovers 878-901 The Key 901-1066 Cross Channel 1066-1221 Part 2: Wine and Wool Merchant Warriors 1221-1335 Keeping the Seas 1336-1399 Defence of the Realm 1399-1509 Part 3: Atlantic Home Waters 1509-1530 Brave New Worlds 1530-1556 English Guns 1556-1568 Revolution 1568-1585 Part …

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The Age of Capital: 1848-1875

Preface Introduction Revolutionary Prelude ‘The Springtime of Peoples’ Developments The Great Boom The World Unified Conflicts and War Building Nations The Forces of Democracy Losers Winners Changing Society Results The Land Men Moving City, Industry, the Working Class The Bourgeois World Science, Religion, Ideology The Arts Conclusion Tables Maps

The Age of Revolution: 1789-1848

Preface Introduction Developments The World in the 1780s The Industrial Revolution The French Revolution War Peace Revolutions Nationalism Results Land Towards an Industrial World The Career Open to Talent The Labouring Poor Ideology: Religion Ideology: Secular The Arts Science Conclusion: Towards 1848 Maps

Under Siege: Literary Life in London 1939-45

Prologue: Enemies of Promise Barbarians at the Gates Hell Came to London, and other stories Under Siege New Writing Poetry (London) Poems from the Forces Our Time There Is No Such Thing as Culture in Wartime

The Age of Empire: 1875-1914

Overture The Centenarian Revolution An Economy Changes Gear The Age of Empire The Politics of Democracy Workers of the World Waving Flags: Nations and Nationalism Who’s Who or the Uncertainties of the Bourgeoisie The New Woman The Arts Transformed Certainties Undermined: The Sciences Reason and Society Towards Revolution From Peace to War Epilogue

Cities in Civilization

Book I: The City as Cultural Crucible Great Cities in their Golden Ages The Fountainhead: Athens 500-400 BC The Rediscovery of Life: Florence 1400-1500 The World as Stage: London 1570-1620 The City as Pleasure Principle: Vienna 1780-1910 The Capital of Light: Paris 1870-1910 The Invention of the Twentieth Century: Berlin 1819-1933 The Key to Creativity …

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The Ancient American Civilisations

Ancient America: The Sources The Origins of the Native Populations of America and of the American Cultures The Birth of Agriculture in America The Geographical Setting of the Ancient American Cultures The Advanced Civilisations of Mesoamerica The End of the Classic Cultures The Civilisations of the Middle Andes The Post-Classics Cultures of America The First …

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Hammer and Tickle

Laughter under Lenin Stalin and the Grim Grin Nazi Jokes vs Communist Jokes The Soviet Bloc The Golden Age of Communist Jokes Stagnating Jokes The End is Wry We’re Not Joking Conclusion

A History of the American People

Part 1: ‘A City on a Hill’ – Colonial America 1580-1750 [rtoc]Europe and the transatlantic adventure Raleigh, the proto-American, and the Roanoke disaster Jamestown: the first permanent foothold Mayflower and the Formative Event ‘The Natural Inheritance of the Elect Nation’ John Winthrop and his ‘little speech’ on liberty Roger Williams: the first dissentient The Catholics in …

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