The Black Count

Prologue, Part 1: February 26, 1806 Prologue, Part 2: January 25, 2007 Book One The Sugar Factory The Black Code Norman Conquest “No One Is a Slave in France” Americans in Paris Black Count in the City of Light A Queen’s Dragoon Book Two Summers of Revolution “Regeneration by Blood” “The Black Heart Also Beats …

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Empire Antarctica

Preface – A Glimpse from the Ice Imagining Antarctica The Axis of the Atlantic Of Kings and Emperors Antarctica at Last! High Days and Holidays The Hinge of the Continent Waiting for Winter Darkness and Light Midwinter The Third Quarter The Promise of Life Gathering Light Freedom of the Ice Of Endings and Beginnings Afterword …

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Roll, Jordan, Roll

God Is Not Mocked Of the Willing and the Obedient On Paternalism Farmers, Planters, and Overseers The Hegemonic Function of the Law In the Name of Humanity and the Cause of Reform Our Black Family A Duty and a Burden Of Concubines and Horses The Moment of Truth … and the Children Brought Up To …

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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Introduction “Their Manners are Decorous and Praiseworthy” The Long Walk of the Navahos Little Crow’s War War Comes to the Cheyennes Powder River Invasion Red Cloud’s War “The Only Good Indian Is a Dead Indian” The Rise and Fall of Donehogawa Cochise and the Apache Guerrillas The Ordeal of Captain Jack The War to Save …

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Berlin Diaries 1940-1945

Foreword   George Vassiltchikov Maps January to December 1940 January to June 1941 Interlude: June 1941 to July 1943 July to December 1943 January to 18 July 1944 19 July to September 1944 January to September 1945 Epilogue


Part One – Lukewarm Believer[rtoc] On the Cusp from Ancient to Modern (1893-1911; age 1-17) Becoming a Communist (1911-20; age 17-26) Lukewarm Believer (1920-25; age 26-31) Rise and Demise in the Nationalist Party (1925-27; age 31-33)[/rtoc] Part Two – Long March to Supremacy in the Party[rtoc] Hijacking a Red Force and Taking Over Bandit Land …

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To Be Young, Gifted and Black

Preface to the Vintage Edition   Jewell Handy Gresham Nemiroff Introduction: “Sweet Lorraine”   James Baldwin Foreword   Robert Nemiroff Prologue: Measure Him Right, Child Part One: “I Wish to Live …” Chicago: Southside Summers Sarah, I Kin Read White Fur in the Midde of the Depression Queen of the Ethiopes! Wisconsin: Of Vikings and Congo Drums Take …

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Unreasonable Behaviour

Part One: Becoming Streetwise Part Two: Going to the Wars Part Three: Matters of Life and Death Part Four: The End of the Affair

The Book on the Bookshelf

Books on Bookshelves From Scrolls to Codices Chest, Cloisters, and Carrels Chained to the Desk The Press of Books Studying Studies Up Against the Wall Books and Bookshops Bookstack Engineering Shelves That Move The Care of Books Appendix: Order, Order

Cultural Literacy

Preface to the Vintage Edition Preface Literacy and Cultural Literacy The Discovery of the Schema National Language and National Culture American Diversity and Public Discourse Cultural Literacy and the Schools The Practical Outlook Appendix: What Literate Americans Know