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The Man Born to Be King

Foreword   J. W. Welch, Director of Religious Broadcasting, BBC Introduction   Dorothy L. Sayers Production Note   Val Gielgud

Language, Truth and Logic

Introduction Preface The Elimination of Metaphysics The Function of Philosophy The Nature of Philsophical Analysis The A Priori Truth and Probability Critique of Ethics and Theology The Self and the Common World Solutions of Outstanding Philosophical Disputes

The Music of Africa

The Social and Cultural Background The Musical Traditions of Africa Music in Community Life Performing Groups and their Music Recruitment and Training of Musicians Musical Instruments Instrumental Resources Idiophones Membranophones Aerophones Chordophones Structures in African Music Organisation of Instrumental Ensembles Melody and Polyphony in Instrumental Music The Rhythmic Basis of Instrumental Music Organisation of Vocal …

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