Secker & Warburg


Extremes: A Mirror Extremes of the Heart The Burning Heart: Why people drive themselves to extremes, as illustrated by the comparison of Joan of Arc and Gilles de Rais Heart Transplants: Organ worship, from Saint Marguerite Marie and the Sacred Heart to Dr. Christiaan Barnard The Neurotic Heart: A four-hour analysis of Gustav Mahler by …

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The Ring: Anatomy of an Opera

A climb up Everest, without oxygen Bayreuth: a family business Georg Solti: jumping all the hurdles Peter Hall: trusting the tale Bill Dudley: designing a thinking man’s pantomime Casting: taking tremendous risks A tale of three resignations Ascension Day: they have lift-off A balancing act in the pit Das Rheingold: succumbing to the Wagner virus …

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