The Sound of History

Preface to the Pimlico Edition Foreword Introduction The Country The Town Industry Crime Pastime The Sexes Politics War and Peace

The Devil’s Disciples

Prologue Roots 1918-1923 ‘Our time will come again’ ‘If only there could be fighting again’ Fighting the November Criminals Beer Hall Revolution The Years of Struggle 1924-1933 Regrouping A Star in the Making ‘Chief Bandit of Berlin’ ‘We come as enemies’ ‘SS-Man, your loyalty is your honour’ ‘Now the chess game for power begins’ The …

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Ragged Glories

‘Call Me Star-Struck, Uncle Sam’ – A Way In In the Grain The Cats’ Whiskers: Down Home With ZZ Top White Boy Got The Woo-Woos: Lowell George 25 Years From Tulsa: J. J. Cale The Lonely Blue Dream of Roy Orbison The Shock of the Old: Beck and the New Americans Soul Music or Thereabouts …

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The Battle for History

Controversy and the Second World War Histories of the Second World War Biographies Campaigns The Brains and Sinews of War Occupation and Resistance

Battle at Sea

Introduction: Battle at Sea Trafalgar The Wooden World The Strategic Background Nelson versus Napoleon Nelson versus Villeneuve Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail Battle off Cape Trafalgar What Had Happened? The Aftermath Jutland The Fall of the Wooden Walls High Seas Fleet versus Royal Navy The War of Sea before Jutland The Ironclad World …

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The Face of Battle

Old, Unhappy, Far-off Things A Little Learning The Usefulness of Military History The Deficiencies of Military History The ‘Battle Piece’ ‘Killing No Murder?’ The History of Military History The Narrative Tradition Verdict or Truth? Agincourt, October 25th, 1415 The Campaign The Battle Archers versus Infantry and Cavalry Cavalry versus Infantry Infantry versus Infantry The Killing …

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