King Charles II, Part Two

The Monarchy in Danger Subsisting Together? The Knot in the Comb Peace For His Own Time Against Exclusion A King at Chess His Autumnal Fortune Bold and Older Another Way of Ruling The Dregs of Life His Royal Ashes

King Charles II, Part One

The Hopeful Prince Heaven Was Liberal ‘I Fear Them Not!’ Present Miseries Dependence The King’s Son Nothing but the Name A Candle to the Devil Ravished at Worcester Heroical Figure A Difficult Game The Courtesies and the Injuries At the Waterside This Golden Age Noah’s Dove The Best of Queens The Dutch Business Black Day …

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The Gunpowder Plot, Part Two

Discovery – By God or the Devil Mr Fawkes Is Taken The Gentler Tortures Fire and Brimstone These Wretches The Shadow of Death The Heart of a Traitor The Jesuits’ Treason Farewells Satan’s Policy?

The Gunpowder Plot, Part One

Family Trees Map of the conspirators in the Midlands Author’s Note Prologue: Bountiful Beginnings Before the Fruit Was Ripe Whose Head for the Crown? The Honest Papists Diversity of Opinions The Horse of St George A King and his Cubs Spanish Charity Catesby as Phaeton That Furious and Fiery Course So Sharp a Remedy Pernicious …

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The Warrior Queens, Part Two

Part Two Matilda, Daughter of Peter England’s Domina Lion of the Caucasus Isabella with her Prayers Elizabetha Triumphans Jinga at the Gates Queen versus Mother The Valiant Rani Iron Ladies Unbecoming in a Woman?

The Warrior Queens, Part One

Part One A Singular Exception Antique Glories The Queen of War Iceni: this Powerful Tribe Ruin by a Woman The Red Layer Eighty Thousand Dead O Zenobia!

The Weaker Vessel, Part Two

Afterwards – A Continual Labour Worldly Goods Divorce from Bed and Board Benefiting by Accomplishments Petticoat-Authors Helping in God’s Vineyard The Delight of Business Wanton and Free Actress as Honey-Pot The Modest Midwife Epilogue: How Strong?

The Weaker Vessel, Part One

Author’s Note Chronology of Important Events 1603-1702 Prologue: How Weak? As It Was – This Blessed Knot A Wife Sought for Wealth Affection Is False Crown to her Husband The Pain and the Peril Are You Widows? Poor and Atrabilious Unlearned Virgins Living under Obedience With the War – Stronger Grown Courage above her Sex …

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Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar

Stalin Family Tree Prologue: The Holiday Dinner: 8 November 1932 Part One: That Wonderful Time: Stalin and Nadya, 1878-1932 The Georgian and the Schoolgirl The Kremlin Family The Charmer Famine and the Country Set: Stalin at the Weekend Holidays and Hell: The Politburo at the Seaside Trains Full of Corpses: Love, Death and Hysteria Stalin …

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Introduction Wittgenstein’s Conception of Philosophy Mind, Body and Behaviour: The Power of a Philosophical Illusion Private Ownership of Experience Epistemic Privacy Descriptions and Expressions The Inner and the Outer: Knowledge of Others Minds, Bodies and Behaviour Can Machines Think?

Salisbury: Victorian Titan

Family Tree Family Nicknames Introduction: Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee: London: Tuesday, 22nd June 1897 Tory Tribune Early Life[rtoc] The Cecils • Eton and Oxford • The Grand Tour (1830-1853)[/rtoc] Rebellions[rtoc] All Souls • Faith • Parliament • Marriage (1853-1857)[/rtoc] Journalism: Foreign Policy[rtoc] Colonialism • The Schleswig-Holstein Question • The American Civil War (1857-1866)[/rtoc] Journalism: Domestic …

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Fatal Rivalry: Flodden 1513

Uncertain Inheritors New Kings 1496 and 1497 – War on the Border The Common Condition The Treaty of Perpetual Peace A New Monarchy Renaissance Monarchy – Power Renaissnace Monarchy – Display Henry VIII – The Protected Prince Henry VIII – A Liberated King James IV and the ‘Realization’ of Scottish History Their Renaissance Majesties Seapower …

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The Ancestor’s Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life

The Conceit of Hindsight The General Prologue The Pilgrimage Begins The Farmer’s Tale The Cro-Magnon’s Tale All Humankind: The Tasmanian’s Tale; Eve’s Tale Archaic Homo Sapiens: The Neanderthal’s Tale Ergasts: The Ergast’s Tale Habilines: The Handyman’s Tale Ape-Men: Little Foot’s Tale; Epilogue to Little Foot’s Tale Chimpanzees: The Bonobo’s Tale Gorillas: The Gorilla’s Tale Orang Utans: …

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The Last 100 Days

Part One – The Great Offensive Floodtide East “Five Minutes Before Midnight” “This May Well Be  a Fatefull Conference” “Bread for Bread, Blood for Blood!” “Judge Roosevelt Approves” The Balkan Cockpit Operation “Thunderclap” War and Peace Part Two – Drive from the West “An Iron Curtain Will Go Down” Ebb and Flow “What If It …

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Cities in Civilization

Book I: The City as Cultural Crucible Great Cities in their Golden Ages The Fountainhead: Athens 500-400 BC The Rediscovery of Life: Florence 1400-1500 The World as Stage: London 1570-1620 The City as Pleasure Principle: Vienna 1780-1910 The Capital of Light: Paris 1870-1910 The Invention of the Twentieth Century: Berlin 1819-1933 The Key to Creativity …

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The Ancient American Civilisations

Ancient America: The Sources The Origins of the Native Populations of America and of the American Cultures The Birth of Agriculture in America The Geographical Setting of the Ancient American Cultures The Advanced Civilisations of Mesoamerica The End of the Classic Cultures The Civilisations of the Middle Andes The Post-Classics Cultures of America The First …

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