Fateful Choices

Forethoughts London, Spring 1940: Great Britain Decides to Fight On Berlin, Summer and Autumn 1940: Hitler Decides to Attack the Soviet Union Tokyo, Summer and Autumn 1940: Japan Decides to Seize the ‘Golden Opportunity’ Rome, Summer and Autumn 1940: Mussolini Decides to Grab His Share Washington, DC, Summer 1940-Spring 1941: Roosevelt Decides to Lend a …

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We Were Eight Years in Power

Introduction: Regarding Good Negro Government Notes from the First Year: “This Is How We Lost the White Man” Notes from the Second Year: American Girl Notes from the Third Year: Why Do So Few Blacks Study the Civil War? Notes from the Fourth Year: The Legacy of Malcolm X Notes from the Fifth Year: Fear …

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Undertones of War

Undertones of War: Introduction   Hew Strachan Guide to further reading Glossary Preliminary Preface to the Second Edition The Path without Primroses Trench Education The Cherry Orchard The Sudden Depths Contrasts Specimen of the War of Attrition Steel Helmets for All The Calm The Storm A Home from Home Very Secret Caesar Went into Winter Quarters …

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This Orient Isle

Introduction: The Ambassador Arrives Conquering Tunis The Sultan, the Tsar and the Shah The Battle for Barbary An Apt Man in Constantinople Unholy Alliances Sultana Isabel London Turns Turk Mahomet’s Dove Escape from the Seraglio Sherley Fever More than a Moor Epilogue

Girl, Woman, Other

Chapter One Amma Yazz Dominique Chapter Two Carole Bummi LaTisha Chapter Three Shirley Winsome Penelope Chapter Four Megan/Morgan Hattie Grace Chapter Five The After-Party Epilogue

The Secret State

Introduction: From Total War to Absolute War? Prelude: ‘The Queen Must Be Told’ Secrets and Mysteries: The Intelligence Picture The Importance of Being Nuclear: the Bomb and the Fear of Escalation Defending the Realm: Vetting, Filing and Smashing ‘Beyond the Imagination’: The Spectre of Ever-Greater Annihilation ‘Breakdown’: Preparing for the Worst To the Cotswold Station: …

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The Command of the Ocean

Foreword A Note on Conventions Dates Battle Names Exchange Rates Foreign Ranks and Titles Money Values Notes and References Quotations Rates of Ships Tonnage Weights and Measures Maps Introduction A Mountain of Iron: Operations 1649-1654 Cromwell’s Hooves: Operations 1654-1659 A Looking-Glass of Calamity: Administration 1649-1660 The Melody of Experienced Saints: Social History 1649-1660 Terrible, Obstinate …

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Cuba: A History

Preface Note on Currencies Prologue: WIth Albemarle to Havana, 1762 The English Expedition The Spanish Colony Sugar and Society The Victors and the Creoles Book One: The Great Leap Forward, 1763-1825 Enter North America The Challenge of Haiti Rebellion in South America The Ever-faithful Isle Book Two: The Golden Age, 1825-68 The World of Sugar …

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La Belle Sauvage

Part One: The Trout The Terrace Room The Acorn Lyra Uppsala The Scholar Glazing Sprigs Too Soon The League of St Alexander Anti-clockwise Lord Asriel Environmental Protected Alice Talks The Bologna Instrument Lady with Monkey The Potting Shed Part Two: The Flood The Pharmacy Pilgrim’s Tower Lord Murderer The Poacher The Sisters of Holy Obedience …

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Sophocles: The Theban Plays

Introduction    E. F. Watling The Theban Legend King Oedipus The Legend Continued Oedipus at Colonus The Legend Continued Antigone Notes to King Oedipus Notes to Oedipus at Colonus Notes to Antigone

The Ball Is Round

Introduction: Life and Death, Love and Money Part One – Ancients and Moderns: Football and the Invention of Modern Sport, from the Beginning to 1914 Chasing Shadows: The Prehistory of Football The Simplest Game: Britain and the Invention of Modern Football An Altogether More Splendid Life: Industrial Football and Working-class Britain, 1888-1914 Part Two – …

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The Establishment

Foreword to the Paperback Edition Introduction The Outriders The Westminster Cartel Mediaocracy The Boys in Blue Scrounging off the State Tycoons and Tax-Dodgers Masters of the Universe The Illusion of Sovereignty Conclusion: A Democratic Revolution