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Future Politics

Introduction The Digital Lifeworld Increasingly Capable Systems Increasingly Integrated Technology Increasingly Quantified Society Thinking Like a Theorist Future Power Code is Power Force Scrutiny Perception-Control Public and Private Power Future Liberty Freedom and the Supercharged State Freedom and the Tech Firm Future Democracy The Dream of Democracy Democracy in the Future Future Justice Algorithms of …

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Conversations with Karajan

Karajan: Profile of a Musician Conversations with Karajan The Formative Years The Italian Connection Berlin Philharmonic On Conducting Sibelius, Richard Strauss, and the Second Viennese School Gramophone and Film: The Recorded Legacy Afterwords Epilogue Karajan and Oxford Karajan and Opera Production Selected Bibliography Selected Recordings

I Saw the World End

The Unsolved Problem The puzzle of The Ring Objectivity in interpretation Comprehensiveness in musico-dramatic analysis The Text and the Sources The nature of the text The nature of the sources The Rhinegold Scene 1 Scene 2: the gods Scene 2: the action Scene 3 Scene 4 First Summing-up The Valkyrie Act 1 Act 2 Act …

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Deliver Us from Evil

Introduction The Upper South’s Travail Owning Slaves, Disowning Slavery Rebellion and Reaction The Lower South’s Embrace of Slavery Opening the Slave Trade Extending Slavery Paternalism Rising Paternalism Emerges Paternalism Contested Paternalism in Crisis The Scare Analyzing the Scare Reacting to the Scare Words and Deeds Discourses of Colonization Rumors and Insurrection The Upper South Responds …

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The Broadway Musical

Introduction First Maturity America’s Folk Opera Second Maturity Morality Play as Musical Shakespeare as Musical The Pure Love Story Myth as Musical Tragedy as Musical The Ethnic Musical Religious Experience as Musical History as Musical Frame Story as Musical Thriller as Musical Epilogue

The Richard Rodgers Reader

Introduction Rodgers & Hart, 1919-1943 The Age of Rodgers and Hart   Ethan Mordden “My Heart Stood Still”   Gerald Mast, Richard Rodgers, Philip Furia, Alec Wilder, Allen Forte From Letters to Dorothy, 1925-37 and A Personal Book   Dorothy Rodgers Chee-Chee, The Castration Musical   Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart Cover Story: “The Boys from Columbia”   Time Magazine …

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Sondheim and Lloyd-Webber

Book consistently gives Lloyd-Webber instead of Lloyd Webber The New Musical Early Sondheim Sondheim in Williamstown Early Lloyd-Webber [sic] Sondheim – Words Only Words and – Finally – Words and Music Lloyd-Webber and Rice – The Sixties Sondheim in the Eclectic Late ’60s The Team Comes of Age Prince & Company Superstars on Broadway and …

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Conversations about Bernstein

Introduction and Profile of a Musician   William Westbrook Burton Composers on Bernstein Lukas Foss David Diamond Writers/Critics on Bernstein Harold Schonberg Joan Peyser On the Record Paul Myers Bernstein Protégés John Mauceri Justin Brown From the Theatre Jonathan Miller Great Performers on Bernstein Jerry Hadley Mstislav Rostropovich Christa Ludwig Frederica von Stade Orchestras Members of …

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A Most Ingenious Paradox

Preface Introduction Gilbert before Sullivan Sullivan before Gilbert Thespis Trial by Jury The Sorcerer H.M.S. Pinafore The Pirates of Penzance Patience Iolanthe Princess Ida The Mikado Ruddigore The Yeomen of the Guard The Gondoliers Utopia, Limited The Grand Duke Gilbert after Sullivan, Sullivan after Gilbert Legacy Appendices The Story of the Savoy Operas Revisions to …

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Enchanted Evenings

Preface Overture Introduction: Setting the Stage Act I: Before Rodgers & Hammerstein (contents below) Act II: The Broadway Musical after Oklahoma! (contents below) Synopses Appendices A: Sources, Published Librettos, and Vocal Scores B: Long Runs 1920s-1980s C: The Forty Longest-Running Book Musicals on Broadway Appendices D-R: as per contents below

Tradition and Interpretation

“This collection of essays is the successor of The People and the Book (1925) … Record and Revelation (1938) … and The Old Testament and Modern Study (1951)” G. W. A. Introduction: Changing Perspectives in Old Testament Study   G. W. Anderson The Textual Transmission of the Old Testament (including modern critical editions of the Hebrew …

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Death-Devoted Heart

Wagner and Religion The Story of Tristan Wagner’s Treatment of the Story The Music of Tristan The Philosophy of Love Tragedy and Sacrifice Love, Death, and Redemption From Romance to Ritual Table of Motives


Does dyslexia exist? How to learn to read (or not) What are the cognitive causes of dyslexia? Dyslexia genes and the environment – a class act? The dyslexic brain What works for dyslexia? The three Cs: caveats, comorbidities, and compensation

Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism

An Ibsen Chronology Introduction Part I: Ibsen’s Place in History Ibsen and the Ideology of Modernism Postcolonial Norway? Ibsen’s Cultural Resources Rethinking Literary History: Idealism, Realism, and the Birth of Modernism Ibsen’s Visual World: Spectacles, Painting, Theater Part II: Ibsen’s Modern Breakthrough The Idealist Straitjacket: Ibsen’s Early Aesthetics Becoming Modern: Modernity and Theater in Emperor …

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Schiller: The Dramatic Writer

Introduction Die Räuber Fiesco Kabale und Liebe Don Carlos Wallenstein Maria Stuart Die Jungfrau von Orleans Die Braut von Messina Wilhelm Tell Conclusion

Military Lives

Preface   Brian Harrison Military Lives—selections from the DNB: Introduction   Hew Strachan Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander (1891-1969)   David Hunt Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby (1861-1936)   Cyril Falls Sir Claude John Eyre Auchinleck (1884-1981)   Brian Bond Sir Reginald Hugh Spencer Bacon (1963-1947)   Vincent W. Baddeley Sir Douglas Robert Steuart Bader (1910-1982)   P. B. Lucas Albert Ball (1896-1917)   …

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