Michael Joseph

Over the Top and Back

Introduction I Had No Idea The Front Room Uneager to Please Pastimes of Youth Raise a Ruckus Take My Love I Wish You Would Coat Full of Singles Bring It on Home Escape from Wiggins Teape Revenge Is Not Necessary Door to Door Friend or Foe? What You Don’t Know Factory Girl In My Bones …

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Age of Extremes: The Short Twentieth Century, 1914-1991

The Century: A Bird’s Eye View The Age of Catastrophe The Age of Total War The World Revolution Into the Economic Abyss The Fall of Liberalism Against the Common Enemy The Arts 1914-15 End of Empires The Golden Age Cold War The Golden Years The Social Revolution 1945-1990 Cultural Revolution The Third World ‘Real Socialism’

Searching for Light: an autobiography

Childhood Youth Oxford Altrincham War and its Aftermath The Deanery of Manchester The Deanery of Canterbury, 1931 China, 1932: Famine Relief The Perilous Road Westwards Canterbury in the Thirties My Interest in Social Credit Spain and the Growth of Fascism Socialism and Communism The Socialist Sixth of the World Canterbury and the War After the …

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The Major Enigma

Longfellow Road Brixton Banking and Local Government Marriage, Family and the Hunt for a Seat Huntingdon Early Years in Parliament Senior Whip and Social Security Chief Secretary Foreign Secretary Chancellor Leadership Contest Prime Minister Election Black Wednesday Autumn of Problems Still More Gloom Epilogue


Introduction Section A: Cautionary Tales Where has the Good Samaritan gone? Why some people get away with murder The dangers of obedience The Stanford prison experiment: Zimbardo’s hell Who says who is mad? Section B: What can we learn from animals The gentle art of conditioning The chimp who grew up as a child All …

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