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Music, Words and Voice

Introduction   Martin Clayton Words and music Song, text and voice Song performance and society Song and ritual Words, music and narrative

Religion in Victorian Britain: V – Culture and Empire

Introduction: Victorian Religion in Context   John Wolffe Part I: Essays ‘Male and Female He Created them’: Men, Women and the Question of Gender   F. Knight ‘Praise to the Holiest in the Height’: Hymns and Church Music   J. Wolffe Foreign Missions and Missionaries in Victorian Britain   T. Thomas Rethinking the Missionary Position: Bishop Colenso of Natal   …

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Religion in Victorian Britain: II – Controversies

Introduction: From Centre to Periphery, Victorian Religious Controversies in Perspective   Gerald Parsons Class, Religion and Society The Word and the World: Evangelism in the Victorian City   David Englander Social Control to Social Gospel: Victorian Christian Social Attitudes   Gerald Parsons A Question of Meaning: Religion and Working-Class Life   Gerald Parsons Church, State and Society Anglicanism, Parliament …

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Religion in Victorian Britain: I – Traditions

Introduction: Victorian Religion, Paradox and Variety   Gerald Parsons Reform, Revival and Realignment: The Experience of Victorian Anglicanism   Gerald Parsons From Dissenters to Free Churchmen: The Transitions of Victorian Nonconformity   Gerald Parsons Victorian Britain’s Other Establishment: The Transformations of Scottish Presbyterianism   Gerald Parsons Victorian Roman Catholicism: Emancipation, Expansion and Achievement   Gerald Parsons The Clerical Renaissance in …

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Shakespeare in Performance: Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – The Elizabethan Version Early Revivals – David Garrick versus Charlotte Cushman Recovery, 1935 – John Gielgud Paraphrase, 1947 – Peter Brook Translation, 1960-1968 – Franco Zeffirelli

Shakespeare in Performance: Macbeth

The protagonists and the production: 1606-1623 Davenant and Betterton David Garrick Sarah Siddons The protagonists: chiasmus interpretation on stage Lawrence Olivier and Vivien Leigh directed by Glen Byam Shaw The protagonists: chiasmus interpretations on television Maurice Evans and Judith Anderson directed by George Shaefer Eric Porter and Janet Suzman directed by John Corrie Nicol Williamson …

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Shakespeare in Performance: King John

Introduction King John in the 19th century Mid-20th century productions Royal Shakespeare Company productions of the 1970s The BBC TV production, 1984 Deborah Warner’s production: Stratford-upon-Avon, 1988 and London, 1989