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Nazi Germany and the Jews, Volume I

A Beginning and an End Into the Third Reich Consenting Elites, Threatened Elites Redemptive Anti-Semitism The New Ghetto The Spirit of Laws The Entrapment Crusade and Card Index Paris, Warsaw, Berlin—and Vienna An Austrian Model? The Onslaught A Broken Remnant


List of Maps Introduction Maps The Age of Brown Bess That Article There Scarlet and Blue To Flanders, Portugal and Spain Red Coat and Brown Bess England, Home and Beauty? All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men Sword and State Line of Battle Brothers of the Blade Scum of the Earth Epaulette Gentry …

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Profiles in Courage

Introduction   Caroline Kennedy Foreword    Robert F. Kennedy Preface Courage and Politics John Quincy Adams Daniel Webster Thomas Hart Benton Sam Houston Edmund G. Ross Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar George Norris Robert A. Taft Other Men of Political Courage The Meaning of Political Courage P.S.: Insights, Interviews & More Biography of John F. Kennedy Correspondence: …

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