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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Preface   Michael Almereyda Introduction    Ethan Hawke A Note on the Adaptation Hamlet Appendices An Inventory of Ghosts (Hamlet on Film) Director’s Notes

Wagner’s Ring and its Symbols

Introduction to the Third Edition Family Trees in the ‘Ring’ Myth and Music[rtoc] Art and reality The images of music[/rtoc] Prelude to ‘Rhinegold'[rtoc] The beginning of the world as a symbol for our own beginning The state of nature and the fall from innocence Accepting the opposites or escaping them in fantasy The return to …

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Theatre for Children

Theatre for Children: A Unique Art Form[rtoc] What an audience! Why do children need their own theatre? The quest for quality Pioneers and practitioners Raising our standards[/rtoc] The Nature of the Beasts: What Children En Masse Respond To The Dynamics of a Children’s Audience[rtoc] How Children Differ A Children’s Audience – Common Characteristics[/rtoc] Stories and …

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In Parenthesis

A Note of Introduction   T. S. Eliot Preface   David Jones Part I: The many men so beautiful Part 2: Chambers go off, corporals stay Part 3: Starlight order Part 4: King Pellam’s Launde Part 5: Squat garlands for White Knights Part 6: Pavilions and Captains of Hundreds Part 7: The five unmistakable marks Notes

Rupert Brooke: The Poetical Works

Preface (September 1946)    Geoffrey Keynes Note on 1969 edition    Geoffrey Keynes Note on inclusion of ‘The Bastille’ in 1974 reprint   Geoffrey Keynes