Faber and Faber

The Open Circle

Home: The Bouffes du Nord Preparation: 1968-1974 The Rough Arena: Timon of Athens, The Ik, Ubu aux Bouffes The Conference of the Birds and The Cherry Orchard La Tragédie de Carmen The Mahabharata Return: The Tempest and Impressions du Pelléas The Acting Island: From The Man Who to The Tragedy of Hamlet Endpieces Jean-Claude Carrière …

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Rock, Jazz & Pop Arranging

Introduction How to use this book Incidentals A note to the professional The Routine: The Lead Sheet Routining a cover version The lead sheet More details Routining a new arrangement Routining your own tune Overview Vocals Lead vocals: sung Lead vocals: rap Backing vocals (bvox) Chorus backing Three girls, three boys Lead singer as bvox …

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The Beethoven Companion

The Man and Artist Beethoven as Man and Artist   Philip Barford The Pianos and the Piano Music Beethoven’s Pianos   Derek Melville The Piano Music—I   Harold Truscott The Piano Music—II   Philip Barford The Chamber Music The Chamber Music with Piano   Nigel Fortune The Chamber Music for Strings   Robert Simpson The Orchestral Music The Symphonies and Overtures   …

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The Classical Style

Introduction The Musical Language of the Late Eighteenth Century[rtoc] Period style and group style Tonality Tonic-dominant polarity Equal temperament Modulation Weakening of linear form[/rtoc] Theories of Form[rtoc] Nineteenth-century conception of sonata form Twentieth-century revisions Schenker Motivic analysis Vulgar errors[/rtoc] The Origins of the Style[rtoc] Dramatic character of the classical style Range of styles 1755-1775 Public …

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Preface Departures: May 1809 Talavera: July-August 1809 Guadiana: August-December 1809 Barba del Puerco: January-July 1810 The Coa: July 1810 Wounded: July-August 1810 Buasco: September 1810 The Corporal’s Stripes: September 1810-February 1811 Pombal: March-April 1811 Sabugal: April 1811 Fuentes d’Onoro: May-June 1811 The Gentleman Volunteer: June-September 1811 Deserters: October-December 1811 The Storm of Ciudad Rodrigo: January …

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Believing in Opera

Foreword   Matthew A. Epstein Believing in Opera Peter Brook and theatrical opera Theory of interpretation A repertoire of classics The design matrix Patrice Chéreau: revolutionary classicism Ruth Berghaus: Marx, feminism and the absurd David Alden: expressionist shock Peter Sellars: Americanizing everything Richard Jones: burlesque profundities Graham Vick: neo-realism and emotion Albery, Pimlott, Cairns: British expressionism …

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Cats: The Book of the Musical

Concerning Cats ‘Up up up to the Heaviside Layer’   Andrew Lloyd Webber Apropos of Practical Cats   Valerie Eliot The Making of Cats   Trevor Nunn The choreographing of Cats   Gillian Lynne ‘A giant playground for cats’ – Designed by John Napier From the Libretto

Gerald Finzi

From Padua to Harrogate Youthful indiscretions Arts and Crafts in the Cotswolds London A problematic portfolio Marriage and maturity Aldbourne and Ashmansworth Finzi’s war The Three Choirs composer Scholarship and conservation Time’s wingèd chariot Afterwards Appendix: Love’s Labour’s Lost


Foreword Imbroglio Taste: The Story of an Idea Scenario Architecture: Painting the Lily Interiors: Vacuums of Taste Fashion: Being and Dressing Food: Acquired Taste The Sport of Things

Benjamin Britten: His Life and Operas

Prefac to the Second edition  Life Early Work and Training Collaboration with W. H. Auden American Visit In Wartime England First Operatic Successes Festival Interlude Aldeburgh: Living in Crabbe Street Aldeburgh: At the Red House Personal Postscript The Operas Appendices include: Extract from The Britten Estate Executors’ Press Statement (1967) Establishment of the Britten-Pears Library …

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Opera on the Beach

Introduction Apprenticeship of Sorts Paris Soho Einstein on the Beach The Music The Libretto Satyagraha The Music The Libretto Akhnaten The Music The Libretto Some Other Music

Reading Chaucer’s Poems

Introduction Chronology The Book of the Duchess (c. 1368) The House of Fame (c. 1379) The Parliament of Fowls (early 1380s?) Troilus and Criseyde (mid-1380s) Chaucers Wordes Unto Adam, His Owne Scriveyn (mid/late 1380s) The Legend of Good Women (1386-7?) Truth: Balade de Bon Conseyl (late 1380s?) Lak of Stedfastnesse (late 1390s?) Lenvoy de Chaucer …

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The Life and Work of Harold Pinter

Hackney Lad Romantic Ireland Baron Hardup Early Stages Playwright in Waiting Power Play Sexual Politics Family Values Private Worlds Time Regained Pinter’s Way States of Revolution Private Lives Voices from the Past Public Affairs Setting the Agenda Party Manners Moonlit Nights Festival Time Onwards and Upwards Memory Man

Almost a Gentleman

A Palpable Miss Camp Following May 8th ‘Take it Orfe’ ‘I Have a Go, Lady. I Do. I Have a Go’ Barwick’s Suit ‘All Russia is my Garden’ The October Bonfire Broadly Speaking American Panic ‘His own Worst Enemy’ ‘Not at his Best’ ‘Letting down England’ A Night to Remember Surprised by Joy Viva Mexico! …

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A Better Class of Person

No Pride in Real Gentry Uncalled-for Remarks ‘I Don’t Want to End Up in a Dead-and-Alive Hole’ ‘A Better Class of Person’ O Wall! Bugger Bognor Too Young To Fight and Too Old to Forget Deathaboys Tomorrow, the Empire ‘Must Leave Now to Take Down the Front-room Curtains’ Hold the Front Page Kindly Leave the …

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