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Lordship to Patronage: Scotland 1603-1745

Government by the King’s Pen The Rule of Charles I The Great Rebellion and Interregnum Restoration Government and Society The Economy in the Later Seventeenth Century Towards a New Settlement Working Out Union New and Old Themes of the 1740s

Industry and Ethos: Scotland, 1832-1914

Introduction: The Scottish Identity Part I: The Victorian Generations Entrepreneurs and Industries The Urbanization of Scotland The Rural and the Highland Scot Class, Power and Politics The Scottish Working Classes The Welfare and Education of the People Religion, Morals and Social Responsibility The Intellect, the Arts and the Sciences The Outward Impact: the Empire and …

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Scottish Education (Fourth Edition: Referendum)

I: Introduction and Overview An Introduction to Scottish Education, Fourth Edition: Referendum   Tom Bryce and Walter Humes II: Policy and Provision in Scottish Education Educational Provision: An Overview   Ian Smith The 3-18 Curriculum in Scottish Education    Mark Priestley Scottish Primary Education: Philosophy and Practice   Claire Cassidy Scottish Secondary Education: Philosophy and Practice   Tom Bryce …

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