The Operas of Mozart

Foreword Introduction Chapters on operas numbered 1-22, as below Other chapters interspersed: Mozart’s Choice of Keys Mozart and the Opera Seriea Italian Comic Opera

Fact and Fiction about Wagner

Fact about Wagner The Legend Finck and Wagner The ‘Dictionary of Abuse’ Resentment of Wagner’s Success Some Specimens of Contemporary Criticism Hanslick The Reception of Rienzi Various Reasons for the Failure of an Opera The Flying Dutchman Tannhäuser Lohengrin Wagner’s Attitude Towards the Theatres The Evidence from Venice Tannhäuser in Paris Wagner and Breitkopf & …

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A Drop Too Many

Iraq Home Again The Bruneval Raid Aftermath Maison Carrée Oudna Retreat from Oudna Oudna Aftermath Happy Valley Battle of Tamera: Phase One Battle of Tamera: Phase Two Sicily Italy U.K. Interlude Arnhem Prisoner Rehabilitation Representation Last Thoughts

The Colditz Story

Prologue Apprentice Escape Reconnaissance The First Bid for Freedom The Price of Failure Escape Officer The Fortress Prison Routine The Second Tunnel The Community of Nations The Heavy Palliasse French Dash and Polish Temperament Just Too Easy Dutch Porcelain The Riot Squad A Staged Foursome The Informer Winter Medley The Rhine Maiden Escaper The 1942 …

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The Education of an Army (British Military Thought 1815-1940)

The Army in Decay, 1815-54 The Peninsular Tradition: Major General Sir William Napier The Neglected Rebel: Major General John Mitchell Bridging the Gap: Field Marshall Sir John Fox Burgoyne The Army in Transition, 1856-73 The New School: Major General Sir Patrick Macdougall The Strategic Pedagogue: General Sir Edward Bruce Hamley The Wolseley Era, 1873-99 The …

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