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The Twelve Caesars

Colour essays Nature and the Gods Towns Living and the Family Emperor and Empire Maps The Roman Empire at the Death of Augustus Rome in the Time of Augustus Introduction Julius Caesar, afterwards deified Augustus, afterwards deified Tiberius Gaius (Caligula) Claudius, afterwards deified Nero Galba Otho Vitellius Vespasian, afterwards deified Titus, afterwards deified Domitian Genealogical …

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The Great Commanders

Foreword   David G Chandler Introduction Alexander the Great Julius Caesar Horatio Nelson Napoleon Bonaparte Ulysses S. Grant Georgi Zhukov

The Prehistoric World

In the Beginning How Fossils are Formed Evolution The Ages of the Earth The Birth of Life The Progression of Plants Continents Adrift The Palaeozoic World Life in Ancient Seas Conflict in the Waters The Conquest of the Land The Mesozoic World The Rule of the Reptiles The Conquest of the Air The Cenozoic World …

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The Evolution of Early Man

Introduction Man as an Animal The Scientific Background Man’s Closest Relatives Man’s Unique Features Who were the Earliest Hominids? Australopithecus – Ancestor or Rival? The First Men Homo erectus – the Original Missing Link The Roots of Modern Man Neanderthal – Cousin or Brother? The Spread of Modern Man

The Ascent of Man

Foreword Lower than the Angels[rtoc] Animal adaptation The human alternative Beginning in Africa Fossil evidence The gift of foresight Evolution of the head The mosaic of man The cultures of the hunter Across the ice ages Transhumance cultures: The Lapps Imagination in cave art[/rtoc] The Harvest of the Seasons[rtoc] The pace of cultural evolution Nomad …

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