What on Earth Happened?

Mother Nature (13.7 billion-7 million BC) How the universe was formed, and the unfolding of life on earth before mankind Crunch, Bang, Ouch![rtoc] How an invisible speck of infinite energy exploded our universe into existence, with its galaxies of stars and constant laws of physics.[/rtoc] First Twitches[rtoc] How collisions, bombardments and volcanoes pummelled the young …

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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Mr Norrell The library at Hurtfew The Old Starre Inn The stones of York The Friends of English Magic Drawlight “Magic is not respectable, sir.” An opportunity unlikely to occur again A gentleman with thistle-down hair Lady Pole The difficulty of finding employment for a magician Brest The Spirit of English Magic urges Mr Norrell …

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The Age of Genius

Map Author’s Note Introduction Seeing the Universe The Epoch in Human History A Time of Wars The Origins of the Wars The Loss of the Palatinate The Mercenary Captains The Edict of Restitution, 1629 The Swedish Apogeee From Wallenstein to Breisach Towards Westphalia In the Ruins of Europe The Maritime Conflicts The Cumulation of Ideas …

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The Sound of Freedom

Prologue: October 1964 Freedom’s Child Singing in the Dark Deep Rivers The Heart of a Nation Sweet Land of Liberty An American Icon, 1943-93

Mao’s Great Famine

Preface Chronology Map Part One: The Pursuit of Utopia Two Rivals The Bidding Starts Purging the Ranks Bugle Call Launching Sputniks Let the Shelling Begin The People’s Communes Steel Fever Part Two: Through the Valley of Death Warning Signs Shopping Spree Dizzy with Success The End of Truth Repression The Sino-Soviet Rift Capitalist Grain Finding …

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The Lost Voices of World War I

Introduction    Robert Wohl The Old Cultures and the New The Battle of the Generations The Impact of Technology The Lure of Politics Attitudes towards War

Down and Dirty Pictures

Preface Introduction: The Story Till Now Made in USA (1989) The Anger Artists (1989) Risky Business (1990-1992) The Buying Game (1992-1993) He’s Gotta Have It (1993-1994) The House that Quentin Built (1994-1995) Pumping Up the Volume (1995-1996) Swimming with Sharks (1996-1997) Ace and Gary (1997) Crossover Dreams (1997-1998) The Bad Lieutenant (1998-1999) The King of …

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Stephen Sondheim: a life

An Institutionalized Child Children Will Listen The Brass Goddess No Sad Songs Climbing High One Good Break Coming Up Roses Comedy Tonight Anyone Can Whistle Being Alive Broadway Baby The Boy in the Bubble Applause for the Clowns Someone in a Tree Dies Irae Old Friends Finishing the Hat No More Hit after Hit And …

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