Allen Lane

Dude, Where’s My Country?

Introduction 7 Questions for George of Arabia Home of the Whopper Oil’s Well That Ends Well The United States of BOO! How to Stop Terrorism? Stop Being Terrorists! Jesus W. Christ Horatio Alger Must Die Woo Hoo! I Got Me A Tax Cut! A Liberal Paradise How to Talk to Your Conservative Brother-in-Law Bush Removal …

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First Confession

Politics and Identity Mass and Privet Scholarship Boy ‘The Last Best Hope of Earth’ ‘Wet’ Leadership: Heath, Thatcher, Major Crazy Irish Knots Out East The Loneliness of the Long Distance European Atlantic Crossing Poobah Violence and Faith

Ways of Curating

Prologue: The Way Things Go With Alighiero Boetti Mondialité do it Curating, Exhibitions and the Gesamtkunstwerk Courbet, Manet and Whistler Collecting Knowledge Of Libraries and Archives Printed Exhibitions Infinite Conversations Pioneers Night Trains and Other Rituals The Kitchen Robert Walser and Gerhard Richter Mentors Félix Fénéon and the Hotel Carlton Palace Invisible Cities London Calling …

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Germany: Memories of a Nation

Maps Introduction: Monuments and Memories Where is Germany The view from the Gate Divided heaven Lost capitals Floating city Fragments of power Imagining Germany A language for all Germans Snow White v Napoleon One nation under Goethe Hall of heroes One people, many sausages The Persistent Past The battle for Charlemagne Sculpting the spirit The …

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A History of the World in 100 Objects

Preface: Mission Impossible Introduction: Signals from the Past Part One: Making us Human – 2,000,000-9000 BC[rtoc] Mummy of Hornedjitef Olduvai Stone Chopping Tool Olduvai Handaxe Swimming Reindeer Clovis Spear Point[/rtoc] Part Two: After the Ice Age: Food and Sex – 9000-3500 BC[rtoc] Bird-shaped Pestle Ain Sakhri Lovers Figurine Egyptian Clay Model of Cattle Maya Maize …

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After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire

Orientations Eurasia and the Age of Discovery The Early Modern Equilibrium The Eurasian Revolution The Race Against Time The Limits of Empire Towards the Crisis of the World, 1914-1942 Empire Denied Tamerlane’s Shadow Cataloguing of illustrations and maps not complete

Elizabeth II: The Steadfast

Preface HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge Genealogical Table Lilibet Princess in Uniform A Monarch for Modern Times Political Pitfalls Royal Reserve A Flower for the Queen Farewell Britannia Vox Populi Crown and Commonwealth Annus Horribilis A Time for Rejoicing Church and State The Sport of Kings and Queens The Centre Holds

A History of Histories

Introduction: A History of Histories? Prologue: Keeping Records and Making Accounts: Egypt and Babylon Part I: Greece [rtoc] Herodotus: The Great Invasion and the Historian’s Task Thucydides: The Polis – the Use of Abuse of Power The Greeks in Asia Xenophon: The Persian Expedition The Alexander Historians: Arrian and Curtius Rufus [/rtoc] Part II: Rome [rtoc] Polybius: …

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The Classical World

Hadrian and the Classical World Part One – The Archaic Greek World Homeric Epic The Greeks’ Settlements Aristocrats The Immortal Gods Tyrants and Lawgivers Sparta The Eastern Greeks Towards Democracy The Persian Wars The Western Greeks Part Two – The Classical Greek World Conquest and Empire A Changing Greek Cultural World Pericles and Athens The …

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Museums of Madness

The Rise of the Asylum The Social Control of the Mad Changing Responses to Insanity: Their Nature and Sources The Social Context of Reform Free Trade in Lunacy The Reformers The Cultural Meaning of Madness Sources of the Changing Conception of Insanity Private Investigations at the York Asylum and at Bethlem The Chimera of the …

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