Introduction Bonaparte’s Blessed Fool [Marcellin Marbot] Harry and Juana [Sir Harry Smith, Juana Smith] Professor of Arms [Joshua Chamberlain, American Civil War] The Lazy Engineer [Lieutenant John Chard, Battle of Rorke’s Drift] Colonel Fred [Colonel Frederick Burnaby] Gentleman-of-War [Kapitän zur See Karl von Müller] Most Private Soldier [Frederic Manning, Australian soldier of WWI and author …

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Declassified Civilize-ation Spirit War The Third Dimenson The Rape of China The ABCD Encirclement Flyboys Doing the Impossible Airpower Yellow Devils, White Devils To the Pacific Carrier War No Man’s Land No Surrender Kichiku Fire War Enduring the Unendurable Casualties of War

Men of Honour

Morning Zeal Order and Anxiety Honour Love Boldness Battle Violence Humanity Nobility