Declassified Civilize-ation Spirit War The Third Dimenson The Rape of China The ABCD Encirclement Flyboys Doing the Impossible Airpower Yellow Devils, White Devils To the Pacific Carrier War No Man’s Land No Surrender Kichiku Fire War Enduring the Unendurable Casualties of War

Edinburgh: The Golden Age

Introduction The New Town’s Inception, to 1802  A Daring Concept The Old Town and High Street Living The Fabric of Edinburgh Society The Church The Law The Schools Edinburgh Societies The University Medicine and Surgery Tories and Revolutionaries Theatrical Progress Building a New Town The French Exiles Interregnum 1802-1815 The Young Whigs and The Edinburgh …

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The Open Circle

Home: The Bouffes du Nord Preparation: 1968-1974 The Rough Arena: Timon of Athens, The Ik, Ubu aux Bouffes The Conference of the Birds and The Cherry Orchard La Tragédie de Carmen The Mahabharata Return: The Tempest and Impressions du Pelléas The Acting Island: From The Man Who to The Tragedy of Hamlet Endpieces Jean-Claude Carrière …

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The National Army Museum Book of the Zulu War

List of Maps Chronology of the Anglo-Zulu War Preface ‘Half measures do not answer …’ ‘They shot us down in numbers …’ ‘They died in one place …’ ‘They did great execution …’ ‘It was a ghastly sight …’ ‘They got it today …’ Epilogue: ‘Very glad to have finished …’

The National Army Museum Book of the Turkish Front 1914-18

The Turkish Question Gallipoli: The Landings Gallipoli: Building the Brick Wall Gallipoli: Suvla Gallipoli: Last Fling Up and Down the Tigris No Relief for Kut Kut Avenged To the Gates of Gaza Jerusalem for Christmas Mobility at Megiddo Epilogue

Dude, Where’s My Country?

Introduction 7 Questions for George of Arabia Home of the Whopper Oil’s Well That Ends Well The United States of BOO! How to Stop Terrorism? Stop Being Terrorists! Jesus W. Christ Horatio Alger Must Die Woo Hoo! I Got Me A Tax Cut! A Liberal Paradise How to Talk to Your Conservative Brother-in-Law Bush Removal …

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The Devil’s Disciples

Prologue Roots 1918-1923 ‘Our time will come again’ ‘If only there could be fighting again’ Fighting the November Criminals Beer Hall Revolution The Years of Struggle 1924-1933 Regrouping A Star in the Making ‘Chief Bandit of Berlin’ ‘We come as enemies’ ‘SS-Man, your loyalty is your honour’ ‘Now the chess game for power begins’ The …

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Preface Departures: May 1809 Talavera: July-August 1809 Guadiana: August-December 1809 Barba del Puerco: January-July 1810 The Coa: July 1810 Wounded: July-August 1810 Buasco: September 1810 The Corporal’s Stripes: September 1810-February 1811 Pombal: March-April 1811 Sabugal: April 1811 Fuentes d’Onoro: May-June 1811 The Gentleman Volunteer: June-September 1811 Deserters: October-December 1811 The Storm of Ciudad Rodrigo: January …

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Ragged Glories

‘Call Me Star-Struck, Uncle Sam’ – A Way In In the Grain The Cats’ Whiskers: Down Home With ZZ Top White Boy Got The Woo-Woos: Lowell George 25 Years From Tulsa: J. J. Cale The Lonely Blue Dream of Roy Orbison The Shock of the Old: Beck and the New Americans Soul Music or Thereabouts …

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