Bloomin’ Rainforests

Lost in the jungle Hot and sticky Rainforest bloomers Shady characters Jungle living Budding explorers Facing the axe A bloomin’ future

Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings

Foreword (to Part One): Deserted The Making of an Artist, 1853-1883 The Family, 1853-1875 Van Gogh’s Other Art: The Letters The Religious Maniac, 18750-1880 “No Beginning but in God”: Van Gogh and Religion First Steps as an Artist Van Gogh’s Early Models Family Life: The Hague, 1882-1883 Arts and Responsibility: Commitments for the Future No …

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Scenes and Stages

Introduction for Teachers Comedy Maid Marian and her Merry Men, Tony Robinson The Revenger’s Comedies, Alan Ayckbourn Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare Red Dwarf, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor Loot, Joe Orton Mak the Sheep-Stealer, writer unknown Shakespeare in Love, Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard Educating Rita, Willy Russell The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde …

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Introduction The Pace of Thoughts Tracing a Headland: An Introduction The Mind at Three Miles an Hour Rising and Falling: The Theorists of Bipedalism The Uphill Road to Grace: Some Pilgrimages Labyrinths and Cadillacs: Walking into the Realm of the Symbolic From the Garden to the Wild The Path Out of the Garden The Legs …

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Oper aktuell

Essays Öffnung zum Überzeitlichen Oper ist Aufruhr: Eine Liebeserklärung   Elke Heidenreich Eine Flöte ist eine Flöte ist eine Flöte … : Das erschreckend Einfache in den Mythen-Bildern von Dirk Reinartz   Hanspeter Krellmann Held und Spielbell der Zeit: Irrfahrt und Heimkehr des Odysseus in Mythos und Oper   Lydia Andrea Hartl Zwischen Liebe und Pflicht: Dido und …

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Ring of the Nibelung

The River Gold High Places Lower Depths The Dwarf’s Curse Forsaken Twins The Walküre A Fatal Duel A God’s Revenge The Boy in the Forest The Dragon’s Lair The Old Order Changes The Child of Hate Two Weddings and a Betrayal The Hunt and the Kill Twilight for the Gods

Sondheim and Lloyd-Webber

Book consistently gives Lloyd-Webber instead of Lloyd Webber The New Musical Early Sondheim Sondheim in Williamstown Early Lloyd-Webber [sic] Sondheim – Words Only Words and – Finally – Words and Music Lloyd-Webber and Rice – The Sixties Sondheim in the Eclectic Late ’60s The Team Comes of Age Prince & Company Superstars on Broadway and …

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A Most Ingenious Paradox

Preface Introduction Gilbert before Sullivan Sullivan before Gilbert Thespis Trial by Jury The Sorcerer H.M.S. Pinafore The Pirates of Penzance Patience Iolanthe Princess Ida The Mikado Ruddigore The Yeomen of the Guard The Gondoliers Utopia, Limited The Grand Duke Gilbert after Sullivan, Sullivan after Gilbert Legacy Appendices The Story of the Savoy Operas Revisions to …

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Making Sense of the Troubles

Introduction The static society, 1921-63 The O’Neill years, 1963-69 Descent into violence, 1969-71 The end of Stormont, 1972-73 Sunningdale, strike and stalemate, 1974-76 From Castlereagh to Warrenpoint, 1977-79 The hungerstrikes, 1980-81 Anglo-Irish accord, 1982-85 Enniskillen, Libya and bombs in England, 1986-93 Peace process, 1993-94 Decommissioning, Docklands and Drumcree, 1994-96 Breakthrough, 1997-2000 Perspectives Chronology


List of Maps Introduction Maps The Age of Brown Bess That Article There Scarlet and Blue To Flanders, Portugal and Spain Red Coat and Brown Bess England, Home and Beauty? All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men Sword and State Line of Battle Brothers of the Blade Scum of the Earth Epaulette Gentry …

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In the Bag

performed by the Traverse Theatre in 2005, directed by Lorne Campbell, designed by John Bausor, with Daniel York at Man and Tuyet Le as Woman.