The Moon Belongs to Everyone

Introduction Diary, March 1988 Beginnings – 1960-1970 The Sixties Hey diddle de dee Get Me Out of This – 1971 Beginning 7:84 – Trees in the Wind: 1971 My Own Beginnings Beginning to Tour – 1971-1972 Plugged into History Beginning to use music Underneath The Ballygombeen Bequest The Arts Council – Some Thoughts on the …

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The Broadway Musical

Introduction First Maturity America’s Folk Opera Second Maturity Morality Play as Musical Shakespeare as Musical The Pure Love Story Myth as Musical Tragedy as Musical The Ethnic Musical Religious Experience as Musical History as Musical Frame Story as Musical Thriller as Musical Epilogue

The Unashamed Accompanist

Foreword   Geoffrey Parsons Introduction to this edition Partnership Preparation Practising Rehearsing The Artists’ Room Performance Bad Habits Sight Reading and Transposition Orchestral Accompaniments Folk-song Accompaniments Piano and Violin Sonatas Accompanying the Strings Conclusion A Letter to Gerald Moore in his 85th Birthday Year   Graham Johnson


Preface Prelude, in canon Young Kreisler (1833-54) The Romantic foreground Storm and stress (1854-60) Fully armed like Minerva: the music to 1860 Not quite a Viennese (1860-72) The sense of the past The music of the middle years, 1860-75 ‘Frei aber froh’ The music of the middle years, 1876-82 The final phase The later music, …

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Alan Ayckbourn

In the Beginning The Plots Thicken Ritual Behaviour Laughing Till It Hurts Winter Solstice Onwards and Upwards The State of the Nation Chronology of Plays

Understanding Samuel Beckett

Editor’s Preface Preface Abbreviations Chronology Overview Early Writings (1929-45) Major Novels (1947-61) Major Theatrical Works (1948-61) Later Works (1961-89) Bibliography


Introduction Tanks Infantry Battlefield Artillery Battlefield Helicopters Battlefield Support by Fixed-Wing Aircraft Intelligence and Surveillance Engineers Command, Control and Communications (C3) Logistic support Tactical Nuclear Weapons Chemical Warfare Training for War The Central European Battlefield Limited War Operations Counter-Terrorist Operations