Composition as Expression

Composition: Arrangement as Expression The Peale Family The Bellelli Family The Funeral of Phocion Classicism in Disguise Composition as Narrative Philosophical Narrative Three Pictures for Study In envelope: Review Questions

Composition as Structure

Pictures as Structures A Compositional Failure Triangular Compositions Picasso’s Guernica Composition in Three Dimensions Composition in Space Open Space and Closed Space “Architectonics” and Cézanne Motion in Composition In envelope: Review Questions


Abstraction: The Painter and the World We Never See Abstract Values in Realistic Painting From Realism to Abstraction Why Abstraction? Tradition and Revolution Nonobjective Painting Abstraction and Emotional Expression Abstraction and New Ways of Seeing Abstract Art and the Future In envelope: Review Questions

Techniques: Fresco

Print and Paint What is Paint? True Fresco The Sense of the Wall The Fresco Painter at Work Paper to Plaster Fresco Colors Fresco as the Record of the Renaissance Fresco Secco Prehistoric Fresco Roman Wall Painting Medieval Fresco Chinese Fresco Contemporary Fresco In envelope: Review Questions

Composition as Pattern

Paintings and Walls A “Primitive” and a Sophisticate Lady in Blue A Persian Miniature Two Japanese Prints Two Princesses Composition in Theory and Practice Linear Rhythms Linear Rhythms as Structures The Art of the Poster In envelope: Review Questions


Realism: The Painter and the World Around Us Three Violins Realism: Harnett’s The Old Violin Expressionism: Dufy’s The Yellow Violin Abstraction: Braque’s Musical Forms What is Realism? The End of the Middle Ages: Mystical Realism The Renaissance: Ideal Realism The Seventeenth Century: Dramatic Realism Velazquez: The Eye as a Lens The Eighteenth Century: Reality in …

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Techniques: Tempera and Oil

Craftsmanship as Expression The Craft of Egg Tempera Painting Preparing the Panel The Craft of Gilding Modeling in Tempera Technique and Expression Tempera and Texture Oil Painting Oil, Light, and Texture Oil Techniques in the Renaissance Modern Oil Techniques In the folder: Review questions