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Holdings which refer to this drama

  1. The Fiend-like Queen: A Note on Macbeth and Seneca’s Medea (essay)
  2. “His Fiend-like Queen” (essay)
  3. Hell-Castle and its Door-Keeper (essay)
  4. Macbeth and the Furies (essay)
  5. Image and Symbol in Macbeth (essay)
  6. Why was Duncan’s Blood Golden? (essay)
  7. Antithesis in Macbeth (essay)
  8. The Criminal as Tragic Hero: Dramatic Methods (essay)
  9. Macbeth in the Twentieth Century (essay)
  10. Macbeth (journal)
  11. Macbeth on Horseback (essay)
  12. An Approach to Shakespearian Tragedy: The ‘Actor’ Image in Macbeth (essay)
  13. Macbeth and Antony and Cleopatra (essay)
  14. The Milk of Concord: An Essay on Life-themes in Macbeth (essay)
  15. Macbeth, or Death-Infected (chapter)
  16. Macbeth and the Metaphysic of Evil (essay)
  17. Brutus and Macbeth (essay)
  18. Macbeth: The Making of the Film (book)
  19. How Many Children Had Lady Macbeth? (essay)
  20. Shakespeare’s Tragic Villain (essay)
  21. On Macbeth (essay)
  22. Macbeth and Antony and Cleopatra (lecture)
  23. Real or Pretend I: Lady Macbeth: feint or faint? (chapter)
  24. Macbeth (book)
  25. Macbeth (book)
  26. Macbeth (book)
  27. Macbeth (book)
  28. CliffsNotes on Shakespeare’s Macbeth (book)
  29. The Connell Guide to Shakespeare’s Macbeth (book)
  30. Ethan Hawke on Macbeth (tv)
  31. Shakespeare in Performance: Macbeth (book)
  32. Eight Tragedies of Shakespeare: A Marxist Study (book)
  33. Shakespeare: The Poet and His Plays (book) • Covered in chapter "A Scottish Tragedy"
  34. Speaking Shakespeare (book) • excerpted speech and analysis
  35. Kenneth Tynan: Theatre Writings (book) • review of 1952 production with Ralph Richardson, directed by John Gielgud
  36. Kenneth Tynan: Theatre Writings (book) • review of 1955 production with Laurence Olivier
  37. Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (book) • in chapter 7 "The Great Tragedies"
  38. Plays and Players: October 1967 (periodical) • review and photos of Peter Hall's Stratford production with Paul Scofield and Vivien Merchant
  39. Prefaces to Shakespeare: Macbeth (book)
  40. 100 Shakespeare Films (book) • p • synopsis, plus 12 films from 1948 to 2006
  41. Shakespearean Tragedy (book) • Lectures IX and X • Note Z: Suspected interpolations • Note AA: Has Macbeth been abridged? • Note BB: The date - metrical tests • Note CC: When was the murder of Duncan first plotted? • Note DD: Did Lady Macbeth really faint? • Note EE: Duration of the action. Macbeth's age. 'He has no children'. • Note FF: The Ghost of Banquo
  42. Shakespeare: Staging the World (book) • p186 • Chapter 7: 'For Rebellion is as the Sin of Witchcraft' - The Scottish Play
  43. Shakespeare in Perspective (Volume 2) (book) • p167 • Commentaries by Julian Symons and Sara Kestelman
  44. Shakespeare on Management (book) • p107 • "To know my deed 'twere best not know myself"
  45. This Wide and Universal Theater (book) • p159 • Chapter 7: A Poor Player That Struts and Frets His Hour upon the Stage – Role-playing in King Lear, Macbeth, and Antony and Cleopatra
  46. Shakespeare’s History Plays (book) • p315 • Part II, Chapter 5: Macbeth
  47. Shakespeare’s Language (book) • p201
  48. The Dyer’s Hand (lecture) • Macbeth and Oedipus
  49. The Life of Our Design (essay) • The 'Language of Props' in Macbeth
  50. The Languages of Criticism and the Structure of Poetry (book) • Tragic Structure
  51. Shakespeare’s Workmanship (book) • Chapters 1 & 11: "The Capital Difficulty of Macbeth"

Other works with this as their source

Images of this drama

  1. Louise Dumont as Lady Macbeth (1906, Düsseldorf) (image)
  2. Macbeth 1921 New York. The appearance of Banquo in Jones’ design. (image)
  3. Macbeth 1928 London. Paul Shelving’s uniforms of the First World War. (image)
  4. Macbeth 1936 New York. Orson Welles’ voodoo Macbeth. (image)
  5. Macbeth 1976 Stratford. Spectators and action in Trevor Nunn’s chamber production. (image)
  6. Macbeth 1980 Tokyo. Japanese King and Queen of Scotland. (image)
  7. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1948-50 (book)
  8. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1948-50 (book)
  9. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1954-56 (book)

This work has the following connections with other works:

  • Scottish Play • epigraph to Imlah's poem is Kempe's "... a penny Poet whose first making was the miserable stolne story of Macdeol, or Macdobeth ..."
  • To the Londoners • Akhmatova: "it is better to read Hamlet ... by the molten lead river."

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