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Holdings which refer to this drama

  1. Hamlet and the ‘Moriae Encomium’ (essay)
  2. The Prince of Denmark and Claudius’s Court (essay)
  3. The Hamlet in Henry Adams (essay)
  4. Hamlet in France 200 Years Ago (essay)
  5. Hamlet and the “Sparing Discoverie” (essay)
  6. Hamlet and the Player who could not Keep Counsel (essay)
  7. The Art of Cruelty: Hamlet and Vindice (essay)
  8. “Form and Cause Conjoin’d”: Hamlet and Shakespeare’s Workshop (essay)
  9. Critical Disagreement about Oedipus and Hamlet (essay)
  10. “What is’t to leave betimes?” Proverbs and Logic in Hamlet (essay)
  11. Deep Plots and Indiscretions in ‘The Murder of Gonzago’ (essay)
  12. Rose of May: An Essay on Life-themes in Hamlet (essay)
  13. Jung and Shakespeare (book)
  14. Hamlet of the Mid-Century (chapter)
  15. Two Notes on the Text of Hamlet (essay)
  16. Hamlet Reconsidered (essay)
  17. The Embassy of Death: an Essay on Hamlet (essay)
  18. Hamlet Through the Ages (book)
  19. “I have to thank you for inviting me – and in such kind terms – to your first performance of Hamlet in London” (letter)
  20. Hamlet: A Study in Critical Method (book)
  21. Hamlet: The Prince or the Poem? (lecture)
  22. Hamlet and Troilus and Cressida (lecture)
  23. Real or Pretend II: Hamlet’s knock-knees (chapter)
  24. Where is the Ghost from? Is he stupid? and: Is Hamlet really Hamleth? (chapter)
  25. ‘Too much i’ the sun’: is it summer in Elsinore? (chapter)
  26. Hamlet and the inner world of objects (chapter)
  27. Something Written in the State of Denmark (book) • An account of the 2008 Doran/Tennant production for the RSC, and the 2009 TV version of it
  28. Hamlet (book)
  29. John Gielgud’s Hamlet (book)
  30. Über Shakespeares Stück Hamlet (poem)
  31. David Tennant on Hamlet (tv)
  32. Prefaces to Shakespeare: Hamlet (book)
  33. I Am Hamlet (book)
  34. Modern Hamlets and their Soliloquies (book)
  35. Shakespeare In Production: Hamlet (book)
  36. Hamlet: A User’s Guide (book)
  37. Players of Shakespeare 3 (book) • Philip Franks as Hamlet, RSC regional tour, directed Roger Michell, 1987
  38. Eight Tragedies of Shakespeare: A Marxist Study (book)
  39. Shakespeare: The Poet and His Plays (book) • Covered in chapter "Tragedies of Rome and Elsinore"
  40. Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (book) • in chapter 7 "The Great Tragedies"
  41. Shakespeare’s Problem Plays (book)
  42. Culture (poem) • line "All men are Hamlet on an empty street / Or a windy quay"
  43. 100 Shakespeare Films (book) • p16 • synopsis, plus sections on 14 films of Hamlet, from 1920 to 2006
  44. Shakespearean Tragedy (book) • Lecture III: Shakespeare's Tragic Period – Hamlet • Lecture IV • Note A: Events before the opening of the action in Hamlet • Note B: Where was Hamlet at the time of his father's death? • Note C: Hamlet's age • Note D: 'My tables – meet it is I set it down' • Note E: The Ghost in the cellarage • Note F: The Player's speech in Hamlet • Note G: Hamlet's apology to Laertes • Note H: The exchange of rapiers
  45. Kenneth Tynan: Theatre Writings (book) • review of 1944 production with John Gielgud and two reviews of 1955 production directed by Peter Brook (one on tour in Russia, one at the Phoenix)
  46. Players of Shakespeare 2 (book) • p137 • Frances Barber as Ophelia (Ron Daniels, RSC, 1984)
  47. Players of Shakespeare 1 (book) • p103 • Tony Church as Polonius (Peter Hall, RSC, 1965 and John Barton, RSC, 1980)
  48. Players of Shakespeare 1 (book) • p115 • Michael Pennington as Hamlet (John Barton, RSC, 1980)
  49. Shakespeare in Perspective (Volume 1) (book) • p178 • Commentaries by Clive James and Derek Jacobi
  50. This Wide and Universal Theater (book) • p129 • Chapter 6: The Motive and the Cue for Passion – Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Othello in Performance
  51. Plays and Players: November 1963 (periodical) • p14 • 'Grand National Night' on opening performance of NT at Old Vic, with Hamlet
  52. The Open Circle (book) • p211 • The Acting Island: From The Man Who to The Tragedy of Hamlet
  53. Three Shakespeare Productions: A Conversation (essay) • In the form of a conversation between Micheál Mac Liammóir and Hilton Edwards about their production of the play
  54. Who Strutted and Bellowed? (essay)
  55. Shakespeare’s Language (book) • p96
  56. Hamlet and Oedipus (book)

Other works with this as their source

Images of this drama

  1. 5 photos, close-ups and ensemble shots, of 1938 modern-dress production of Hamlet at the Old Vic with Alec Guinness (image)
  2. Woodcut by Edward Gordon Craig ‘Hamlet welcomes the Players’ (image)
  3. Hamlet 1905, Düsseldorf. Design by Peter Behrens for 4.5, showing abstraction similar to that of Edward Gordon Craig (image)
  4. Craig’s sketch for Hamlet (2.1) (image)
  5. Hamlet 1909 Berlin. A Craigian contrast of verticals and horizontals for Reinhardt. (image)
  6. Hamlet 1911/12 Moscow. Claudius and Gertrude in golden crowns and capes. (image)
  7. Hamlet 1911/12 Moscow. Final tableau with Craig’s screens. (image)
  8. Hamlet 1911/12 Moscow. The first scene in the Craig-Stanislavsky production. (image)
  9. Hamlet 1925 London. Barry Jackson’s modern dress. (image)
  10. Hamlet 1925 London. Barrymore with a Craigian monument. (image)
  11. Hamlet 1926 Prague. Claudius and Gertrude in front of the phallic needle. (image)
  12. Hamlet 1926 Prague. Hofman’s white screens. (image)
  13. Hamlet 1926 Prague. The closet scene. (image)
  14. Hamlet 1954 Moscow. Okhlopkov’s “Iron Curtain” Hamlet. (image)
  15. Hamlet 1964 Berlin. Hamlet’s mind reflected in Bosch’s visions of hell. (image)
  16. Hamlet 1971 Moscow. Borovsky’s inhuman curtain in Lyubimov’s production. (image)
  17. Hamlet 1975. Chris Dyer’s village hall setting at The Other Place. (image)
  18. Hamlet 1977 Bochum. Peter Zadek’s anarchy of styles. (image)
  19. Hamlet 1979 Cologne. The ending of Hansgünter Heyme’s electronic Hamlet. (image)
  20. Hamlet 1982 Prague. Hamlet’s body is carried up Svoboda’s great steps. (image)
  21. Hamlet 1984 Stratford. Maria Bjornson’s set for the second scene. (image)
  22. Hamlet 1990 Berlin. Heiner Müller’s farewell to the DDR. (image)
  23. Hamlet 1990 Berlin. Perspective, true and false, for the Mousetrap. (image)
  24. Hamlet 1995 Tokyo. Hamlet and the players. (image)
  25. Hamlet 1977 Bochum. Ulrich Wildgruber as an iconoclastic Hamlet. (image)
  26. Hamlet 1978 Washington. Lee’s “sewers” of Elisonore for Liviu Ciulei (image)
  27. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1948-50 (book) • Robert Helpmann*Hamlet (alternating)**Paul Scofield*Hamlet (alternating)**Claire Bloom*Ophelia**Diana Wynyard*Gertrude**Anthony Quayle*Claudius
  28. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1954-56 (book)
  29. Theatre Between the Wars: 1 – The Classical Stage (essay)
  30. Theatre Between the Wars: 1 – The Classical Stage (essay)
  31. Plays and Players: November 1963 (periodical) • p13
  32. Plays and Players: November 1963 (periodical) • p15

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