Hair  7499

This work contains the following individual pieces:

Holdings which refer to this drama

  1. Joe Papp: An American Life (book)
  2. Plays and Players: January 1969 (periodical) • Herbert Kretzmer (Daily Express reviewer) in 1968 Plays and Players awards round-up: "Hair was not so much a musical as a bandwagon and God knows it wasn't short of passengers, most of them old enough to know better. It was hectoring in its tone, contemptuous of its audiences, an elaborate hoax practised by the young. Its techniques compared, say, to Marat/Sade were positively quaint: and in any case hardly original. The UFO psychedeliriums two years ago had done it all before, and had the added advantage of spontaneity. Of course, it had energy, but since when did energy qualify as art?"
  3. On bourgeois audiences missing the point of 40 Years On (quotation)
  4. Sound of Musicals: 2. Something’s Coming (tv) • 00:39:00 • brief mention; broadening of acceptable subject matters
  5. Sound of Musicals: 3. Seasons of Love (tv) • 00:03:00 • as symbolic of MT "getting it" and becoming cool again

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