Don Carlos  20912

Don Carlo*it

This work contains the following individual pieces:

Holdings which refer to this drama

  1. The Operas of Verdi: Volume 3, from Don Carlos to Falstaff (book) • p3
  2. The Complete Operas of Verdi (book) • p349
  3. Verdi (book) • p232 • Chapter 16: Towards grand opera
  4. Rather Red than Black: Verdi, Don Carlos and the Passion for Freedom (chapter)
  5. … und Figaro läßt sich scheiden (book) • p181 • III. Werkanalysen: Neue Dimension gegenüber dem Drama – Don Carlos
  6. The Cambridge Companion to Verdi (book) • p208 • Chapter 13: Verdi's Don Carlos: an overview of the operas

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