Coriolanus  6801

Locations in Harold's Library

Holdings which refer to this drama

  1. Coriolanus and the Midlands Insurrection of 1607 (essay)
  2. Antony and Cleopatra and Coriolanus, Shakespeare’s Heroic Tragedies: A Jacobean Adjustment (essay)
  3. The Royal Occupation: An Essay on Coriolanus (essay)
  4. Coriolanus, or Shakespearian Contradictions (chapter)
  5. Eight Tragedies of Shakespeare: A Marxist Study (book)
  6. Shakespeare: The Poet and His Plays (book) • Covered in chapter "Tragedies of Ancient Egypt and Rome"
  7. Speaking Shakespeare (book) • excerpted speech and analysis
  8. Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human (book) • in chapter 8 "Tragic Epilogue"
  9. Prefaces to Shakespeare: Coriolanus (book)
  10. Brecht on Theatre (book) • 48: Study of the First Scene of Shakespeare's Coriolanus
  11. Shakespeare in Perspective (Volume 2) (book) • p232 • Commentaries by General Sir John Hackett and Ian Hogg
  12. Shakespeare on Management (book) • p120 • Leading from the front is not enough
  13. No Rome of Safety: The Royal Shakespeare Season 1972 (essay)
  14. Shakespeare’s Language (book) • p243
  15. The Dramatic Event (book) • Shakespeare's Politics
  16. Political Characters of Shakespeare (book) • Coriolanus as Political Character
  17. Shakespeare’s Last Plays (lecture)

Other works with this as their source

Images of this drama

  1. Coriolanus 1933 Stratford. Architectural setting at last brought to Stratford. (image)
  2. Coriolanus 1959 Stratford. Boris Aronson’s city of metal jaws, for Peter Hall. (image)
  3. Coriolanus 1964 Berlin. The Berliner Ensemble production of Brecht’s Coriolan. (image)
  4. Coriolanus 1964 Berlin. The other side of Appen’s revolving set. (image)
  5. Coriolanus 1972 Stratford. Coriolanus circled by prisoners, the Roman army and Roman wolf. (image)
  6. Coriolanus 1984 London. Ian McKellen amid costume signifiers of the present and the past. (image)
  7. Coriolanus 1994 Stratford. The French Revolution at the Swan. (image)

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