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“Imagine that you must choose one single memory from your whole life and capture it with a magical camera – everything else will be erased from your mind foreever.

“Imagine that choosing this memory is your only way of passing through to eternity.

“You have just one hour to decide …

“This is the premise behind 100, a show devised by theimaginarybody, which burst upon the 2002 Edinburgh Festival, winning a Fringe First Award.”

Produced by theimaginarybody.

  • Matt Boatright-Simon Alex
  • Matthieu Leloup Ketu
  • Tanya Munday Sophie
  • Claire Porter Nia
  • Lawrence Werber Guide
  • Neil Monaghan co-writer
  • Christopher Heimann director and co-writer
  • Diene Petterle producer and co-writer
  • Adam Crosthwaite lighting designer
  • Soutra Gilmour set designer
  • Annemarie Woods costume designer
  • Matthieu Leloup movement work
  • Steve King associate producer
  • Hannele Brown associate producer

Seen at Warwick Arts Centre (?) in winter term of 2003 (?)

Locations in Harold's Library

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